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Meta Description: Are you planning a trip to Egypt? Here is some useful travel advice Egypt.

Egypt is a land full of ancient wonder and amazing scenic beauty. For an avid historian, there is lots to see in Egypt. But not only mummies, Egypt has a plethora of other tourist adventures as well. Here is a useful guide and travel advice Egypt

Travel Advice Egypt

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Egypt is a country in Eastern Africa. It is one of the oldest destinations on the earth. This place was inhabited by the ancient Greeks and Romans. This country is famous for its ancient Pyramids and the Colossi of Thebes. Egypt was looted by the British in the ancient times. This sparked the interest of tourists the world over to visit the country. Tourists today visit the country to take a Nile cruise. There are some main tourist attractions here including the Nile Valley, souks, mosques, madrassas, coral reefs, tropical fish, dunes, ancient fortresses, monasteries and some prehistoric rock art.

Places to Visit in Egypt

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This amazing beach town offers snorkeling, swimming, biking safaris and much more. You get an amazing view and experience of the Red Sea. This town also has a plethora of other exciting things to do with friends and family.


This place was founded by Alexander the Great. It is also known as the Mediterranean Queen. Alexandria is home to some striking and very popular Greek Romanian ruins. Travel enthusiasts can find a lot of culture, history and cuisine here in this place to explore.


Cairo is a very enthralling capital city of Egypt where one can find the two wonders of the Ancient world – iconic Great Pyramids and the enigmatic Sphinx. Travelers can visit the modern and ancient localities as well and visit the Egyptian museums. You get to bargain with the locals here and go on a shopping spree at the famous Khan-el-Khalii market. There is indeed lots to do and shop here at Cairo.


This city located in the south of Egypt displays wonderful Nubian culture. It is nestled on the river Nile. Aswan is a growing hub of trade, development and growth in Egypt. It was the gateway to Africa in the ancient times. This town is also the base town to explore other smaller towns in Egypt. It has a very relaxed lifestyle and you get to enjoy plenty of sunshine and leisure time here.


This town is the religious capital of Egypt. It was a very holy time during the reign of the Pharaohs. Here, you get to see some of the most striking sites in and around the city. On the west Bank of Luxor is the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens, memorial temples of Ramses II and III, Dier el-Baharit, Tombs of the Nobles and many such more sites of historical importance.

These are some of the main places you should visit in Egypt. This useful travel advice Egypt should help you form the base of your Egypt travel.

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