Travel Scrap Book Ideas – Scrapbooking With a Twist

travel scrap book ideas

Travel scrapbook ideas are plentiful if you know where to look. It’s one of those things that can’t be rushed. Even the best adventure books can be improved by some polish. Whether your travel adventures are for leisure or for profit, you need to take the time to find the best adventure books.

Start A Page Dedicated To Travel And Adventure With Travel Scrap Book Ideas


You might want to consider the wedding guest book. When you invite a lot of people to your wedding, it can be hard to keep up with everyone’s stories and wishes. In an adventure book, you can include a note system so the guests can jot down their notes on a page or two. The good thing about scrapbook ideas is that they can be updated or revised as the years go by. The bride and groom can either keep the old adventure book ideas or add some of the newer ideas in their new travel scrapbook.

Another scrapbook idea is the memory book, which can either be a photo album or a mini diary. The contents can be anything, from a story about your first date to your wedding day and everything in between. If you’re into an adventure, you might want to start a page dedicated to travel and adventure with travel scrapbook ideas.

The Prixor Scrapbook

A wooden table

For another great idea, check out the Scrapbook Idea: The Prixor Scrapbook. The Pentor Scrapbook features custom made scrapbook page layouts that incorporate traditional elements such as fonts, borders, layouts and color. The Prixor Scrapbook also includes many different layouts for you to choose from, which includes not just photo albums but also notebooks, letter and legal papers, notebooks with pen and pencil sets, photo collages, calendars and lots more. There are even custom layouts to fit the shape of your letter boxes and envelopes.

If you prefer not to use paper, the Scrapbook Idea: The Perfect Page could help you create the perfect scrapbook page. Perfect for the travel and adventure book lovers on your list, the scrapbook page has a unique layout that gives you all the room you need to include all your memorabilia in a neat bound album. With the perfect binding and embellishments, this scrapbook page is bound to get you recognized by all your friends.

Best Adventure Books

For another one of a kind idea, check out the Scrapbook Ideas: Best Adventure Books. Whether you’re traveling around the world or just taking a vacation at home, you’ll love the idea of collecting all your best adventure books for every adventure you take. The Best Adventure Books have pocket pages so you can add all your other scrapbooking supplies without overcrowding the page and missing anything.

The best adventure books have personalized front covers, because nothing makes a great gift more personal than a personalized front cover. For your travel scrap book, pick out the perfect anniversary photo album scrapbook idea by reviewing these personalized covers. These are available with blank, linen, or faux leather covers in different sizes to meet your needs. A personalized cover is a great way to make a personalized gift even more special. You can find custom covers for all your scrapbooks, including photo albums.

Summing Up

For something completely different, check out the Scrapbook Ideas: A Different Way to Create an Anniversary Photo Album. Instead of using a regular paper album as your page, why not turn your photo album into a personalized scrapbook? This idea is great for people who like to collect different photos from different vacations. All you need are blank pages and your own photographs. The finished product will be a gorgeous handmade DIY photo album scrapbook that can be given to a special family member as a birthday, wedding, or anniversary gift.

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