Travel Ideas For California – From The Wine Country To The Golden Coast

A group of palm trees with a sunset in the background

Do you want to have a great vacation? The best place where you can do that is in California. This beautiful state will make you feel like being royalty for a couple of days. The people in California are very nice and you will not feel at home wherever you choose to stay. This is because they treat you as their own family. If you will come to the city of San Diego, you will enjoy the beaches and downtown district while in the downtown district you can spend your time at the beach.

The next stop on your California travel ideas is Los Angeles, which is a great place for those who love surfing. The Los Angeles Memorial Skatepark is the main attraction for most surfers. Every Tuesday, from 5 p.m. to midnight, you can skateboard down the famous boardwalk.

The San Gabriel Mountains

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Another good place for California travel ideas is the San Gabriel Mountains. They are a popular place for hikers, campers, and photographers. However, the hiking paths are not well marked and if you are new to the area, you should know what to expect. You should also take note that it can get really cold at the mountain. The weather can get extreme at the city beach every Tuesday. If you want to go skiing, you can try to schedule a trip to Santa Barbara, which is about an hour away from the city beach.

A little further west is Santa Barbara. This is another popular tourist destination for those in California. The downtown district of Santa Barbara is a great place for families. There are plenty of good ski resorts if you want to spend some time at the slopes. In the downtown area, you will find the Roman Theatre and the old State Theater. You should also take a look into the new Balboa Park, which has a great theme park.

Los Angeles

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The third popular destination for tourists visiting the state of California is Los Angeles. The famous Hollywood Walk of Fame is a must see spot on your tour to the Hollywood area. It’s also a good idea to check out the many museums that are in the downtown area. There are many historical buildings and sites to see inside of the city. If you like the beach, you should check out the famous pier down in Hollywood.

When you are visiting the beach, you should definitely take a cable car up to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It’s a great way to walk around the neighborhood and take in all of the famous faces from movies and TV shows. While you are at the beach, you might also want to check out the local shops and restaurants.

Traveling through Los Angeles can be a fun place to visit. There are tons of great places to go to eat, drink and relax in the city. Some of the most popular dishes include pizza and Chinese food.

Southern California

You should also check out some of the beach towns in Southern California. The towns of Oxnard, Ventura and San Bernardino are just a few hours east of Los Angeles. In Oxnard you can enjoy the Pacific Ocean right on your front doorstep. If you love surfing you should check out Ventura where there are a number of surfing schools. And finally, if you love beach food and thirsty people, then you should check out the coastal town of San Diego.

In San Diego you will find numerous popular restaurants and cafes as well as the famous zoo. There are also some great outdoor activities to enjoy when you head to the zoo. Besides the zoo, SeaWorld is a must visit. This theme park offers many different shows and rides. Plus the San Diego Zoo offers many cultural exhibits.

For those who love wine and cheese, Los Angeles has a number of wineries. The best one in the area is supposed to be Redbone. With so many great things to do and see in this area, it is no wonder that so many tourists decide to visit this great city. There are a number of great nightlife and fine dining restaurants to keep you occupied.


Even those who don’t live in the greater Los Angeles area will find a number of California travel ideas that will make their trip more enjoyable. There are a number of Hollywood celebrities that frequent the area. It has been named as one of the most glamorous areas in the country. No matter what your budget or interests, there is bound to be a travel destination that will allow you to experience everything that California has to offer.

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