Travel Advice Italy – Never Miss Out Anything During This Italian Trip

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Who doesn’t love traveling? A vacation to a place that you love is all that you need to rejuvenate your mind and to charge you up with energy. This blog will tell you about all travel advice Italy and everything you need to know before planning a trip.

Get Your Insurance

Before planning a trip, make sure that you get your medical insurance done and obtain a European health insurance card, and also get your travel insurance which will cover all your medical expenses. The most important Travel advice Italy is to get your insurance done so that you don’t land yourself in any kind of trouble.

Covid-19 Travel Advisory

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Since the pandemic is still there, traveling can be a bit risky, but with proper measures, precautions, and following the travel advice Italy you can make the most out of your trip.

Travel To Italy

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Anyone planning to travel to Italy should check with the local authorities and ask for travel advice Italy regarding the arrival of international passengers to the country. One must also check the mentioned restrictions on the website of Italian health ministry.

Proofs Required For Entry In Italy

As per the Travel advice Italy is accepting the EU Digital COVID Certificate, which provides you direct entry to the city without facing any quarantine or further tests there. The EUDCC covers either of the three mentioned aspects:

Proof of vaccination

Proof of recovery from COVID

Negative report of COVID

Children under 6 years of age are exempt from getting a test done and presenting a negative report. However as per the travel advice Italy, they may still be asked to self-isolate if the adults accompanying them are unable to provide the required documents.

The passengers arriving from Schengen associated countries and EU member states are not imposed quarantine if they provide a pre-departure negative report of COVID-19 or a certificate of recovery or vaccination. If you are unable to provide any of these, you can:

Self isolate for 5 days

Inform the local health authorities as soon as you enter Italy

Take a molecular test after 10 days of self isolation. 

Restrictions upon entry in Italy

Once you enter Italy, you will face some restrictions. You will have to follow guidelines issued by the public and the local health authorities. According to the travel advice Italy, In order to attend civil and religious ceremonies, access nursing homes and other facilities in Italy, you need to have a green card. This Green card will also be required if you want access to public spaces such as:

• Bars or restaurants

• Museums and exhibitions

• Community centres and theme parks

Public order

The public should keep in mind that bathing in fountains is prohibited all around the year, no matter what the situation is. Keeping in mind the recent terrorist attacks in Italy, Irish citizens are advised to follow the advice of police and the local authorities especially when they are being a part of large social gatherings.


Since the pandemic COVID is still around, you need to take a lot of precautions and make sure that you follow all the guidelines issued by the government and health authorities of Italy if you want to avoid any kind of trouble.

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