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spain travel advice

Have you been looking for some quality Spanish travel advice? I’ve written some travel articles on this beautiful country, which you may find here. And if you would like to know more about Spain and what is good and bad to do there, then you may want to read my article entitled “Spain Travel Advice”. In this article I will be talking about some of the best tourist destinations in Spain, some of the Spanish beaches and resorts that are available, some of the must see sights in Spain, a little known Spain travel information and my personal favorite – an explanation of Andalucia. After reading this article, you should have a good idea of which Spain travel advice you should take with you!

An Overview

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Okay, let’s get onto some of the fantastic Spain travel advice. First, when it comes to Andalucia, you must-do-is-heresy! Everybody always goes to the beautiful towns of Granada and Andalucia and Cordoba, and the lush local produce is simply spectacular.

Granada is the capital city of Spain and is very photogenic. There are countless cafes, restaurants, and trendy little shops that are easily accessible from the center of Granada. Just north of Granada, you can visit the lovely town of Malaga, which is well preserved and has a charming old town feeling to it. Just beyond Malaga, you can go to the wine country of Cantabria and the historically preserved towns of Cadiz and Sautet.

Spanish Vacation Travel Advice

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Malaga offers some great golfing experiences and is popular with families on vacation. One of the best things about Malaga is that it’s just an hour and forty minute drive from the airport – making it easy to reach all of the popular Spanish holiday spots. If you are interested in golf, you should check out the chic golf resort of Cougar Mesa, which is one of the most beautiful places in all of Spain. Cougar Mesa also has a fantastic water park, as well as a modern art museum and plenty of shopping.

If you love the ocean, then you’ll definitely want to check out the beaches of Nerja. The most prominent beach in Nerja is Torremolinos, which is perfect for water sports during the hot, summer months. You’ll find the facilities for surfing, windsurfing, kite boarding, and relaxing in the sun on one of the many private beaches. If you’re a nature lover, then Nerja is home to several parks with beautiful scenery and numerous hiking trails.

For some exciting nightlife, you’ll love the nightclubs and dancing bars that are so popular in Malaga and elsewhere in Spain. The best clubs in Spain are located in the central areas of town such as Poble Espanyol, Estrella de Mar, and Garito Veneto. These clubs cater to both tourists and locals and are packed at every weekend. The music is amazing at these places and there is always something happening on a Friday and Saturday night.

If you love shopping, then you’ll be pleased to know that you have a lot of shopping options in Spain. Mall Sant Pau, which is a huge commercial centre, is one of the biggest shopping centres in Spain. The mall has numerous different shops, restaurants, and even a big movie theatre. For souvenirs, don’t miss out on the flea markets held in the small streets near the mall. There are also a number of privately owned shops that will offer some unique souvenirs.

In The End

As with any trip, you should carefully plan your itinerary. Spain travel advice is readily available from travel websites and the tourism office. The tourist office can also give you information about flights, accommodation, and traveling tips. There are plenty of brochures that can be bought at the tourist office or online. Before planning your trip, make sure that you get enough Spain travel advice and you’re on your way to having a wonderful time in Spain!

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