Travel Advice For Egypt In This COVID

Travel Advice for Egypt

We have missed traveling a lot during this lockdown, yet we need to be careful when we proceed with it now. Traveling is open now in many countries. Due to the pandemic, the risks have increased, and we need to be a lot careful than before. Further, if you plan to travel to Egypt, you must know that the government has put up lots of restrictions there. Here is a piece of travel advice for Egypt during this pandemic

Safety Advice

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Kidnapping has become a risk for travelers in Egypt. Therefore, stay together in a group and don’t talk to strangers. Further, violent crimes can happen at any time there. Thus, take care of yourself if you are alone or a woman. Also, do not leave your valuable items unattended in a hotel or public place.

Health Advice

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COVID 19 is a significant risk in Egypt. Therefore, if you feel unwell or have some virus symptoms, contact the coronavirus hotline at 105. Infectious diseases like hepatitis, rabies, and filariasis are quite common there. Thus, drink only boiled water and do not have contact with dogs or cats.

To avoid water-borne diseases, do not swim in the Nile. Further, dengue and malaria are quite prevalent there right now. Thus, ensure that your place is insect-proof. Always use insect repellent when going out.

Local laws

It is illegal in Egypt to make public comments criticize the government, security forces, or religion. Also, there have been lots of cases where police have arrested visitors for critical social posts.

Do not carry drugs as it can lead to the death penalty. Also, same-sex relations are not acceptable here. Women need to wear modest clothes as they are conservative in the issues of clothes.

Further, the use of drones is illegal here. Also, avoid eating, drinking, and smoking in public and the presence of fasting people.


Flights are open, and even some charter flights are operating. You need to contact your airlines for the details.

Also, you will require a negative COVID report taken within 72 hours before your travel departure. However, children who are under the age of 6 do not need to take this test. Further, you can contact your airlines for other requirements.

You must also know that there is a nationwide curfew between 12 am to 4 am every night in Egypt. During this curfew, all types of public and private transport are unavailable.

Further, there are land mines in certain areas. Thus, you need permission from local authorities for a visit.

The Final Say

So these were some of the travel advice for Egypt. However, you must know that your safety relies on your hands. You need to be sure if you need to travel during this pandemic or not. Also, know that you will not have anyone to blame in case you catch the virus but you. If you need any help, you can always contact the emergency helpline provided to you.

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