Top Family Camp in the East- The Best Ones


Family camp is an integral part of a child’s life. It is a perfect time to bond with family and spend quality time with them. You can take your kids and hope in the car and go for a family camp together. Sit down with them and plan it out, where you’ll want to go and when you want to go. And including them in the plan makes them more curious about the whole thing. You can choose if you wish to stay in tents or cabins. However, you should always remember that family camps are there for long periods of time, like 4-8 days.

The Family Camp All The Way Up In The Mountains-

The Appalachian mountain camp is one of the family camps that you and your children can stay for your family camp time. The camo is a favorite of kids from the age of four or five to the time they turn into teenagers. The Appalachian mountain camp has available lodges. There are various activities that you can do at the camp right from hiking around to going and sightseeing. There are water bodies that surround the camp that you can see. The available programs there is an experience of going hiking from the lodge to the hut. And there’s also naturalist programs that you can visit. The prices of the programs are inclusive, and you don’t need to worry about paying extra.

Top Family Camps in the East- The Best Ones
Top Family Camps in the East- The Best Ones

A Camp For Your RVs For Your Family-

The Calumet Camp is a perfect choice for you if you like RV parks and tents. The camp can accommodate around 60-65 families. The facilities that are available there include- running water, a car spot, picnic table, etc. The bathroom services that are available in the camp has a very central location so that it is accessible to everyone. There is no real maximum limit in this family camp. It is an ideal place that you can visit if you are a little hesitant about the kind of place you want to go to and can’t decide. It has special rates that are available during special seasons that you can look into and book for you and your family. The nights here are filled with fun as they have game night.

Top Family Camps in the East- The Best Ones
Top Family Camps in the East- The Best Ones

The Common Ground Family Camps-

The Common Grounds center that you can visit for your family camp is a super fun place. The place is where you can do as you wish – you can set up a cozy tent or rent a cabin, or you can also stay in the rooms that are available in the center. And the meals that you get here are vegetarian and organic. You don’t need to worry about the prices that you will have to pay for meals, as it is inclusive in the price. This family camp is for families with teenage children as it offers age-specific activities, like community-building projects. Among others, activities include sports, arts, music, and even yoga.

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