Top 3 World’s Cheapest Travel Destinations In 2020

Cheapest Travel Destinations

During this Covid-19 pandemic, we all are dying to execute our travel plans. While, still, it’s not easy to escape and chill out with the friends. However, international travel is not possible because of travel restrictions and you might be running of money. Here are some cheapest travel destinations that you can add to your travel plans once the restrictions are imposed.

Travelers mostly overlook the upcoming destinations on the list. But they don’t break your bank like other international destinations. Therefore, when all the travel restrictions are lifted, these destinations should be top of the list.


Best Cheapest Travel Destinations
Best Cheapest Travel Destinations

Laos is one of those underrated destinations that are still unexplored by mass tourism. Here you’ll find some calm, remote villages, emerald paddy fields, and forests. Here, you’ll not feel like living as outsiders or travelers. You always get a chance to explore the country’s culture by interacting with the local families and enjoying their food.

You’ll be surprised to know, decent homestay with all the necessary amenities hardly costs $10. If you don’t prefer homestay, you can book 5-star hotels in Vientiane at just $12. Laos is the heaven of natural beauty, and you’ll be addicted to the Namsong river and caves.

At last, Laos offers the best and cheapest spa treatment across the globe.


Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America, and it’s full of untouched beaches, wild forests, small towns, and tiny islands. Above all, you can book luxurious hotels at just $61 per night.

This country has a long coastline of 550 miles with Pacific surf waves to west and quiet Caribbean beaches to the east. If you are a true beach lover, this place is for you. However, you don’t have to spend your vacation only near the beaches.

You should explore the Granada’s finest architecture with twin volcanoes Isla de Ometepe (also known as lady’s breasts) near Cocibolca lake. You can also go for scuba diving and surfing near the Cerro Negro. Nicaragua also comes under the list of best family vacation destinations.


Full of ancient history, culture, and small towns, Turkey is still unexplored by many tourists. Istanbul is famous for its street food, fish sandwiches, and Balik Ekmek. Then you can visit the 1500-year old Hagia Sophia church and Ottomans mosque. Don’t forget to visit Pamukkale village to enjoy the soothing spa treatment and local Turkish food.

Explore The Cheapest Travel Destinations
Explore The Cheapest Travel Destinations

Apart from its ancient culture and history, you’ll find many golden beaches with endless coastlines and traditional cruise ships near the shore. Whenever you plan to visit this destination, you’ll be warmly welcomed by couple-friendly guesthouses that hardly cost $44 per night. It is one of the best destinations for couples.

Final Words

Now, going for an international trip is not just a dream. Yes, because you can see some amazing international destinations on our list. From islands to beaches and historical significance, you don’t have to break your bank to achieve an immense amount of entertainment.

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