Top 3 Packable Matador Travel Gear in 2020

Matador Travel Gear

When you just want to get away from the chaos to the peaceful and the open road is calling your name, you must have realized that being concerned about little yet significant details suck the fun out of it. Thus, the packable equipment brand for adventure Matador has things covered for us by making products that will be effective in the intimidating mountains or hills that we want to explore. Therefore, here we have the best three travel gear that is trending right now and will make your adventurous life much easier.

FlatPak Soap Bar Case

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The soap bar case was designed because of minimalistic and ultralight traveling.

The bar case is six times more compact and 3 times lighter than any regular plastic soap bar case.

The bar case was created from Welded Cordura with a technology named “Dry-through.”

The soap bars don’t become mushy after use because the waterproof material of the Matador bar case lets the water evaporate, and the soaps dry through the fabric.

The case has a Rolltop side release buckle that can be clipped or attached to anything like a shower caddy or your backpack.

Flatpak Soap Bar Case is TSA approved and easy-to-use, leakproof, and clean.

The material of the case is flexible enough to adapt to the size of your soap bar.

This eleven-gram bar case can contain thirty grams of soap that is more than your regular bar case, and it has one year of warranty.

Waterproof Travel Canister 40 ml

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The waterproof travel canister is forty milliliters that are designed to organize small items like medicine or striking matches during your travel.

The aluminum construction of this gear is durable which keeps the content dry and safe.

You have to turn the tab upwards in order to break the seal, and you can remove the lids of silicon easily.

The canister was designed to be waterproof so that if you are submerged in one meter of water, the canister will be safe for thirty minutes.

The IPX7 rating of the canister also assures that they are intrusion and dirt-proof to keep the content easy to access, dry and clean.

The food-safe and BPA materials make the canisters perfect for snacks and pills, and the strong construction can safely keep your headphones, jewelry, and more.

Pocket Blanket 2.0

The Matador Pocket Blanket was the very first thing that the company ever produced. Because the staff were on a trek and couldn’t find any clean place to sit or lie down, this idea was formed.

It can be packed so light and small that you can simply keep it in your at all times or in your pocket.

This is ideal for get-togethers and picnics in the park, festivals, beaches, and hiking.

If being with friends or solitary is your thing, there is nothing to worry about because it can fit up to four adult individuals.

It can be easily folded with its easy-pack patterns, and it’s also water repellent.

The corners of the blanket are weighted, and for windy days there are pockets to fill with more weights.


In this article, we have discussed the three most significant travel equipment provided by Matador. They have many other products like backpacks, camera base layers, and so on. All you have to do is get out and start your adventure.

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