The Best Beach Resorts In The World

The best Beach Resort In The World

Bali, Indonesia, Australia, Mexico have the best beach resorts in the world. A resort facing the sea or made near the sea coast is a beach resort. In a beach resort, the beach is the main focus of the traveler or tourist. The main focus of a resort is to provide relaxation and also recreational facilities to the guests. With the best food with exotic wines, a beach resort is known for its scenic beauty. Therefore, one must experience a stay at the beach resort once in a lifetime.

The best Beach Resort In The World
The best Beach Resort In The World

List Of Best Beach Resorts In The World

Four Seasons Resort Bali, Indonesia
It has 147 villas that look like Balinese village. Every villa has a private pool as well as Jacuzzi pool for kids. It is spacious, airy, lavish and beautiful. The resort is famous for its canopied beds near the sea where the guests can enjoy their dinner. Its rating is 88.36. It has 156 rooms in total with a private bar in each room. Facilities like gym, spa, and also massages are available. Moreover, it has an open-air hilltop lobby that is one of its kind. It is known for its kind hospitality. Therefore, it can be next on your list.

Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia
This is a luxurious resort that has 24 private beaches. With 40 suites and exotic villas are lavish. The accommodation is luxurious, with gourmet meals every day. One can use kayaks and paddleboats unlimitedly. You will taste the best of wines, beers, and alcoholic drinks that you must not have thought of. The villas have a coral sea view that is breathtaking. The resort also provides night diving facilities. Therefore it is a must-visit.

Some More Amazing Beaches

Rayavadee, Krabi, Thailand
This resort provides facilities like kayaking through the mangroves, elephant riding, and a visit to the tiger cave temple. It is at the Krabi Marine National Park that is near the Arabian Sea. You can come here by water transport.

Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort And Spa, Polynesia
This resort has 54 bungalows built over water with private decks. It lies in between the Cook`s and also the Opunohu bay. One can take a flight from Papeete to reach here. Therefore, the place is easily accessible.

Bora Pearl beach resort & spa French Polynesia
The scenic beauty will make you fall in love with this place. Moreover, it has ten suits and 50 bungalows that are made over water. One can see the ocean just below their feet as the bathroom floor is made using glass.

Le Taha`a Island Resort & Spa, Raiatea, French Polynesia
This resort has 45 suites with private decks. Moreover, it has 12 villas that have a view of the Bora. Each villa has a plunge pool attached to it. The massages are exceptional here. You can even swim with sharks around you; yes, it is true. Therefore, one must visit this place once in a lifetime.

The best Beach Resort In The World
The best Beach Resort In The World


For all those for whom the budget is not a constraint, they can enjoy going to these beautiful resorts. These resorts will provide you with lifetime experience for sure. With stunning scenery all around and also beautiful beaches make these resorts stand out. Therefore, visiting such places is a must.

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