The Best And Handy Storage Ideas For Travel Trailers

storage ideas for travel trailers

Camper trailers have numerous benefits over different kinds of RV (recreational vehicle). They are easy to tow, light, and few models can be taken off-road. Experts and beginners alike can appreciate a low-cost and low-maintenance camper trailer. Besides, one of the cons is that trailers are usually smaller than a motorhome and other kinds of the trailer.

There are lots of storage ideas for travel trailers. This means you will need less space for your belongings. Meanwhile, to increase the storage space of a camper, you will require to think outside the box. You have to improve your organization’s habits to reduce mess and clutter. Read our tips to get more organized your belongings and keep your camper orderly and neat.

Storage Ideas For Travel Trailers

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

List Everything You Have

A bedroom with a large bed in a hotel room

Before you start packing, you require to take everything in stock you need for your trip. The ideal way to this is to make a list. The list can be handwritten or digital; it completely depends on you. There are several physiological advantages to make a list. Writing lists can encourage action, provide purpose, and help to lower anxiety as well.

Moreover, there are some practical reasons also for list-making.

First of all, list-making helps you to see what unnecessary items may be taking up more space.

If you are going alone, you can check how you manage your space for things. Are your kitchen cabinets full of the non-kitchen item? Note it down. By this method, you will understand what things require maximum space or not.

Keep What You Require

Once the list is made, you are ready to begin the clearing outstep. Unless you already organized, you will probably need to get rid of few items. Check and determine each item that it is really necessary to keep or not for your trip—additionally, some essential items such as a first aid kit, kitchen appliances, towels, and toiletries.

Remember one thing that if something is essential, you may be able to lessen the size or quantity. As we said in the above section, extra cups and dishes can take more space.

Storage Containers

All kinds of storage containers are an easy way to keep on your list. Using drawers, bins, or pods will keep things manageable. This is the best idea to organize everything than piling items on the counter. Furthermore, storage containers help to keep everything organized in one place, which is really necessary for the camper. Storage pods are a very handy tool for little items such as toiletries or cosmetics. There are different products existing that simply stick on the wall and keep your cosmetics, toothbrush, and more organized.

For the kitchen, use containers for dry food. Airtight containers will save your food from bugs as well as easy to access and keep food fresh.

Other Useful Techniques

Use shelves

Baskets and hammocks – This is the best method to add to shelf space.

Use hooks

Caddies – It can turn your bed into a veritable storage facility.


We hope you learned something useful. These Storage ideas for travel trailers will help you to keep your camper organized. So, you can be easily keep everything you require without impacting space. However, disorganized things can make your trip frustrating than enjoyable. So, you should need to know more about everything and go without any mess up!

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