The 7 best family resorts in the world

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We have come up with a list of the 7 best family resorts in the world according to us. In our opinion, these resorts are not only popular among kids but also among parents. While choosing our top 7 list we took into consideration facilities for children, the activities available at the resort, and much more. How much fun it must be to take your kids to one of these resorts!

1. Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Orlando

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Can you think of a place that has everything related to the world-famous cartoon characters? Well, if not then this would be an ideal resort for your family trip or even a vacation. As the name suggests, this theme park is full of magic and joy.

2. Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, Orlando

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If you are looking for an adventure with your kids then this resort can be one of the best options for you. Your kids will love the thrill and adventure they get here. The special islands are created for kids so that they can enjoy themselves to the fullest. From rides to shows, this resort has it all for you and your family.

3. Sea World Adventure Park Orlando, Florida

When you are looking for an amusement park that is not only entertaining but also educative then Sea World would be a great choice for you. Your kids will get a chance to witness some of the amazing activities from dolphins, sea lions, and much more.

4. Universal Studios Orlando Florida

This is another amusement park that you can visit with your family for endless entertainment and joy. From shows to rides, this resort has it all. There are many options available so that every member of your family enjoys themselves.

5. Universal’s Islands of Adventure, Florida Orlando

The amusement park consists of many exciting rides and activities that not only you but also your kids will enjoy to the fullest. Kids, as well as, parents can have some real fun here with all the amazing attractions that it has for them. From shows to thrill, your kids will have a blast here.

6. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Orlando Florida

What can be more exciting than visiting an amusement park with protected animals? Well, if you are looking for some real adventure then this resort is just the place that you are looking for. Your kids will get a chance to witness some of the most exotic animals from all over the world.

7. Bora Bora Nui, French Polynesia

This is an ideal resort for your family if you are looking for some relaxing time alone or together. Your kids will get a chance to spend some quality time with you while on holiday and this is why this resort has been listed in our top 7 resorts for families.


If your kids are big Disney fans then why not visit one of the popular Walt Disney World Resorts around? There are seven of them, each specializing in a certain area so you can choose which resort is best suited to your needs and budget. From golf courses to water sports, whatever you want to do there is a resort that can cater to your family’s needs.

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