Sleeping On Planes And Buses Is Not Easy If You Don’t Cover Your Eyes! Using This You Can Rest Well!

While traveling, sleeping can be problematic because of the light, which disrupts your biological clock that helps to regulate your sleep-wake patterns. When we are traveling in public transport, be it planes, trains or buses, we are traveling with some bunch of people, many of whom like to sleep with lights open. If you are somebody who cannot sleep in artificial lights at night, that will be a problem for you. Exposure to artificial light suppresses melatonin. Melatonin is a sleep hormone; excessive exposure to artificial light can lead to sleep disorders like insomnia. 

Artificial light includes streetlights, lights in the bedroom, blue lights from phones, and electronic devices. 

An eye sleep mask helps to block these artificial light by acting as a shield. An eye sleep mask is vital for our physical and mental well-being. Here we have an Adjustable Travel Sleep Mask that you need to have a good sleep while traveling. 

Adjustable Travel Sleep mask

There are a lot of new and high-tech sleep gadgets in the market available, like fancy lights for mattresses, soothing white noise, night lights, etc. Sleep masks are one of those. Sleep Masks are not anything new, a simple solution that you need to get your requisite shut-eye. They maintain your natural sleep cycle. Sleep Masks work as a shield to your eyes, blocking all the artificial lights of your room at night and when you are traveling. Here are some specifications of Adjustable Travel Sleep Mask for you to know. 


  • Brand: Sumifun 
  • Material: Cotton
  • Type: Eye Cover
  • Pressure Range: 4-20 cmH2P
  • Item Type: Sleep and Snoring
  • Item Style: Sleeping Masks Men and Women
  • Pattern: With Gel or No Ice Compress Gel (optional) 
  • Size: Approx 14.6 inches
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  • This sleep mask is fashionable, foldable. 
  • Easy to carry with ring buckles. 
  • You are guaranteed that it blocks lights completely. 
  • Buffet belt to prevent the mask from being moved. 
  • It helps to provide a good deep sleep when tired. 
  • Ideal to use when in long hours of travel. 
  • Adjustable strap from 18.5 to 27 inches. 
  • Using a sleep mask increases brain health. 
  • A night of good sleep means good mental health. 
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  • A sleep mask may leave impressions on your face if it is too tight. 
  • You might feel self-conscious about putting a sleep mask on. 
  • You need to wash them frequently. 
  • The mask will block the morning light, too, so you need to set the alarm to get up. 

How To Clean/Wash Sleep Mask

There is no need to wash your mask regularly. Only wash it when it is necessary. 

Use a good detergent, which is an eco-labeled remedy, because they are often tested. 

Use a good silk fabric soap or liquid. 

No need to use fabric softener; they are nothing but chemicals. 

Wash your sleep mask separate from other clothes at a maximum of 30 degrees. 


A sleep mask can help you get a better night’s sleep. Using a sleep mask helps you to get sound sleep and decrease the risk of heart diseases and even decrease the risk for Alzheimer’s. Taking good sleep maintains your metabolism, and it has been shown that it helps reduce obesity. If you are someone dealing with insomnia, then a sleeping mask is all you need.

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