Province Of Hunan – Exploration Tale

Province of Hunan – Exploration Tale

The province of Hunan located in the southern part of China is a natural wonder. It is a landlocked province surrounded by high rise mountains. The Yangtze River in the North gives rise to misty mountains. Hunan is the major agricultural production for rice, oranges, and tea. Exploring this province is one of a kind experience. James Cameron’s idea for the movie Avatar is based on the natural landscape of Hunan. You will drift amidst history and exquisite scenic surroundings here. Poetic and dream awakening, it will embrace you tightly.  

Exploring Province Of Hunan- Changsha

The capital of Hunan is a lively city with deep ties to Chairman Mao. A relatively old city remains of the ancient Changsha is still present. Heritage buildings, tombs and religious shrines are the top attractions here. Changsha is a modern urban city with ancient ties rooted in its culture. Mao was quite fond of the city and even penned one of his most famous poems here. Yuelu Academy, one of the oldest educational institutions in China is located here. Located in Mt. Yuelu, this place is surrounded by green hills and blossoming trees. A visit to Orange Island is also recommended. Changsha is also famous for its delicious seafood cuisine prepared with color and spices.

Province of Hunan – Exploration Tale
Province of Hunan – Exploration Tale

Exploring Province Of Hunan- Shaoshan

Located to the West of Changsha, is the birthplace of Mao himself. Shaoshan is a pilgrimage place of Mao. Museum, halls and souvenir stalls dedicated to Mao’s life are built here. This place is a tourist hotspot and long queues are found often. Old buildings, pictures depicting Mao’s early life, his living area are scrawled with tourists and locals.

Exploring Province Of Hunan- Zhangjiajie

Situated on the Northwestern boundary of Hunan is the mountainous city of Zhangjiajie. The quartzite sandstone rocks are a wonder to behold. You may explore the entire world for such a formation. This UNESCO declared heritage site is home to endangered flora and fauna. The mist tangles around the edges of the rocks and the early rays reflected to produce a mystical environment. The Maoyan River situated at the base of these landscapes zigzags its way into the heart of lush green forests. You will find numinous waterfalls here which add to the otherworldly feeling. By taking a ride on Asia’s longest cable car, the top Tianmen Mountain can be reached. Almost 1500m high, glass skywalks are built on the side of the mountain. The view from the top is nothing short of majestic.

Province of Hunan – Exploration Tale
Province of Hunan – Exploration Tale


Yuanjiajie is one of those places which you wouldn’t believe until you see it for yourself. James Cameron had the idea of the movie Avatar from Yuanjiajie. If you remember the movie, the pine-covered mountains rising up from the clouds is exactly what Yuanjiajie is. The picturesque scenery is unbelievable. This area is always bustling with locals and tourists, so getting there early should be a priority.

Hunan is definitely a must-visit place for every backpacker.