Protect Your Children And Loved Ones From Sun Glare And Harmful UV Rays! Get This Umbrella Now!

Pollution has become a part of the population, and we can’t deny it, can we?. Consequently, the researchers have ascertained that harmful UV rays from the sun can cause as much damage to the health as any other polluting element. However, the sun rays are the essential source of the Vitamin D that is required for the fitness of our bones. The maximum exposure to it can lead to several issues. One of the prevailing reasons is global warming that has made it more like malice than medicine.

Essential Features Of The Portable Mini Umbrella And Benefits To Have It By Your Side

Nonetheless, children are more sensitive to any such issues than adults. Hence, as diligent parents or well-wishers, we must not neglect this aspect. The portable mini umbrella is much more than just a rain rescuer. It is specifically designed for ultimate UV protection that makes it acceptable for all seasons. 

So, why are you waiting to invest in this gem product? Get this wonderful portable mini umbrella to add to your convenience and safety now. Here is the meticulous information on the portable mini umbrella for the user guide.


  • Size: S
  • Height : 48 Cm
  • Semi Arc : 42.5 Cm
  • Parachute Diameter (overall): 85 Cm

Panel Material: Black Coating 

Function: Folding 

Material: Metal 

Pattern: Five Folding Umbrella

Control: Non-automatic / manual umbrella

Age group: Adults 

A close up of an umbrella


  • Can be your best travel companion for all seasons.
  • It can easily fit in the bag because of its compatible size.
  • It gives ultimate protection against rain and UV rays. 
  • It is designed with eco-friendly materials. Thus, it is nature friendly.
  • Available In a range of colors according to the user preference.
  • Makes the perfect and cute gifting option.
  • It gives the stylish and Vogue look while being carried as a handbag.
A person holding an umbrella


  • It can be used by only one person at a time.
  • It cannot necessarily withstand heavy storms.
  • You cannot safeguard all your belongings. Along with you during windy rain. You may need to give them additional protection.


As sunscreen is said to be the must-have product for the skincare regime despite any season. It is because it protects your skin from outside polluting elements that may lead to numerous skin issues. Likewise, this portable mini umbrella is a must-have product while you are traveling or under constant exposure to sunlight. Its travel-friendly size will easily make room in any corner of your bag. Hence, you are free from a hotchpotch of carrying another bag for keeping it. You just need to fold it, and you are good to go with confidence in any seasonal change.

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