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America has the largest economy in the whole world and is a great place to live. Here are some of the more popular North American destinations.

America is the most popular travel destination and third most popular in the whole world. The country is home to a million plus visitors every year. It is visited by one million people every year and is one of the topmost destinations in the whole world. The country has lots to offer to its visitors from beautiful beaches to great monuments to white sandy beaches.


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Florida was third in the rankings and has been named the most popular travel destination and third most popular tourist destination, for the fifth year in a row. Florida continues to attract millions of visitors each year and is ranked number five. The reason behind this is its natural beauty and tourist attractions like The Everglades and Miami beach. Florida is also known as the Venice of the East Coast due to its picturesque villages and cities.

Bangkok is number four in the world and has been named the most popular travel destination and third most popular tourist destination, in the World Tourism Rankings. Bangkok is a city in Thailand that has a lot to offer to its tourists from the vibrant nightlife to pristine beaches. The city was rated number five in the world and is popularly known as the “City of Angels”. Bangkok was ranked fourth in the world and was named the “size of Asia” in the recent Global Destination Cities Index.


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Mexico is the sixth most popular destination and has been named the most popular destination for the fourth consecutive time. The country is well known for its stunning landscape and magnificent resorts and beaches. Mexico is Mexico’s second largest city and tourist hub. It is a preferred destination for tourists interested in vacationing in luxury and pampering.

seventh on the list is Panama City and has been named as the second most preferred destination for its Caribbean beaches. Panama City is a small beach town in Florida and is home to many luxurious resorts. This destination provides its visitors with a warm and friendly welcome. There are many attractions in Panama City to appeal to its visitors. Panama City is the second largest tourist destination on the US west coast. The beaches in Panama City are popular among Florida Couples who want to spend some quality time on their honeymoon or romantic getaway with their partner.

Koh Tao

The last destination on the list of the world’s most popular travel destinations and third safest beach is Koh Tao. This is located on the island of Phuket and is known for its pristine sandy beaches, crystal clear water and lush tropical gardens. Koh Tao is also known as Patong or Thai beach. Phuket is very popular among British tourists who want to spend some relaxing days in this place.

Finally, the most popular travel destination and fourth safest beach on the island of Siamese are Chiang Rai. This destination is best known for its breathtaking scenery, lush tropical gardens, breathtaking waterfalls, ancient temples, and its numerous interesting tourist sites. It is located in Northern Thailand along the Gulf of Thailand. Chiang Rai is visited by tourists from all over the world who enjoy their holiday by taking in the sights of the natural attractions in this picturesque country.

Tourism In Thailand

Tourism in Thailand has been a huge hit in recent years and it seems that the country will not be slowing down anytime soon. Aside from being one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, Thailand has been ranked as the second safest place for tourists. With all these reasons why so many people visit this amazing place, one could not help but wonder why Bangkok is ranked as the most popular international travel destination in the world. Bangkok was ranked number one for reasons other than just being a popular tourist destination.

Well, the answer is simple. Bangkok is the center of Thailand and it is an international tourism destination famous for its thrilling nightlife, vibrant shopping malls, awesome hotels, historical monuments, aquatic parks, and endless food and entertainment. Bangkok is also known as a hub for all things Asian because it is home to the bulk of Southeast Asian countries including Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and others. Bangkok is home to many great international airports as well as land bases that carry international traffic everyday. As a matter of fact, Bangkok has everything that any traveler could want or need.


This does not mean that there are not more places in the world that can offer travelers the services and adventures that they want. Other popular destinations that can give tourists what Bangkok has to offer include Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Brazil, and many other countries around the world. The most popular travel destination in the world does not only depend on tourism alone anymore. It also depends on how safe a place is, and whether or not it has all the amenities that any visitor could possibly need. Bangkok may have the most visitors today, but if you think about it, a lot of these visitors come from other parts of the globe.

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