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Due to the pandemic, the whole world got disconnected and got closed within the four walls thereby cutting the link with the outside people. Tourism contributes a lot to the economy and thus effective tourism strategy plans have been implemented by governments with the principles of sustainable tourism and development. The three pillars of strategic development are economic, social, and environmental goals have now advanced by the addition of safety measures due to the reform of the industry in the light of the pandemic. Let us find out details about the Morocco travel advice. 

Why Morocco?

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Morocco is a place of fun, culture, and heritage. It gives room for citizens of other countries to explore and learn the cultural heritage of other countries which would naturally broaden their understanding of the said country, thereby promoting local artists, cuisines, and many others that promote and boast of the country’s authenticity. Anyone having prejudiced thoughts of any country would almost always change their mind and realize otherwise after having set foot on the foreign land and experiencing a melting pot of a whole new world that is ahead of them. Tourism and hospitality give room for appreciation of local communities and their architecture and/or infrastructure belonging to the host country.

Morocco Travel Advice

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There are ten principles in the UNWTO Code of Ethics for Tourism and are based on the belief that tourism can make a positive contribution to the lives of people and the planet. According to the principles, there should be an insight into ethical values along with tolerance and a respectful attitude for diversity, and this the foundation and consequence of responsible tourism. The activities of tourism should be conducted in harmony and with respect for the laws, practices, and customs of the host regions. The host communities should respect the tourists and contribute to a hospitable welcome. The public authorities must protect tourists, visitors, and their belongings. The tourists and visitors should not commit criminal acts while traveling. They have the responsibility to acquaint themselves before preparing to visit the countries. 

Dealing With COVID

It is true that the asymptomatic patients could be very disastrous to the co-passengers. The aviation industry needs to find ways and means to fight this problem. The revenue that is generated is also on a huge decline due to an increase in coronavirus cases. There is the problem of symptoms not showing up due to which it is very difficult to trace the spread. Information is key to control the spread. 

Provide stations for people wanting to seek medical assistance associated with the presence of virus – to minimize the risk of having such passengers wandering in search of help.

Minimize congestion by regulating access to various areas based on active monitoring of present as well as expected passenger density

Implement contactless technologies

Ensuring all customers and employees to wear a face covering and provide disposable face coverings for the customers who need them

Disinfecting high touched areas

Providing individual hand sanitizer for customers.


As the world inches forward towards the recovery phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, airlines must put in place effective virus diffusion control measures to be able to stay competitive and ensure the safety of both passengers and staff.

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