Kid Friendly Travel Destinations For Families

kid friendly travel destination

There are just so many fun ideas for kid-friendly travel destination ideas that it’s hard to pick just one. A perfect example is going to the Caribbean. There are thousands of ideas for kid-friendly travel destination ideas all over the world today and it truly depends upon each individual family and what they’re interested in doing. However, creating a blog post containing thousands of kid-friendly travel destination ideas would be absolutely overwhelming for you to read and even for your family to read. Thus, if you’re like most people, you’d rather use a simple travel tip to help you narrow down your choices as opposed to actually composing a huge travel article based on hundreds of different tips.

Visit The Waterpark

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One idea that definitely is kid friendly is visiting a water park. It may seem like a pretty good idea because you get to keep your kids active and maybe even have a little fun at the same time. However, water parks are designed for older kids that are very overweight and extremely out of shape. And, no matter how much you love your kids, there’s simply no way that they’re going to enjoy water parks if they don’t have a chance to lose weight.

The Disneyland

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Another idea that is definitely kid-friendly travel destination ideas is going to DisneyLand. You may have heard plenty of great things about how great the Disney World vacations are, but did you know that some of the places in Orlando that you can visit with your children are actually kid friendly? For example, the Kidcot amusement park in Paris is not only great for the kids, but it also provides an opportunity for the entire family to participate in several special events that are geared toward keeping the entire family busy and having fun.

A kid-friendly vacation can take place at a Disney World or on any of the other Disney Park and Resort destinations. There are numerous parks to choose from including EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow), Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Bay Arcade, and several others. You might also check into the all inclusive Disney holidays available. These packages include your hotel and transportation as well as dining, tickets for Disney shows and attractions, entrance to several special events and tours, and many other perks. You can find all of this and more at a Disney World kid-friendly hotel or one of the many kid-friendly resorts around the Disney World area.

For a little less than a Disney World holiday, you can still find a kid-friendly family vacation in the Pittsburgh area. Pittsburgh is the home of three professional baseball teams (Pirates, Flyers, and Indians) as well as the home of Penn State University. While in Pittsburgh, you will want to visit the popular Pittsburgh Zoo and the Pittsburgh Aquarium. If you are not a fan of animals, you can still do plenty of fun things in the teen-friendly city of Pittsburgh including the Schenley House and the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Cruise Vacation

If you happen to be looking for a kid-friendly cruise vacation, then you may want to check out the Disney World ship cruise during the 2021 theme park season. What can be more perfect than taking a cruise through the magic world of Walt Disney while having amazing entertainment and sightseeing opportunities all along the way? You may be able to book a Caribbean cruise that goes right up the West Coast or perhaps a Hawaii themed excursion will appeal to you. A Florida cruise is always a good choice as well because the state has so many different fun options.

For a family vacation, you may want to consider a Caribbean cruise. Whether you choose a Disney cruise or another option, be sure to take the time to explore all of the great things to do in the area. One thing that many people enjoy doing on a Caribbean cruise is visiting one of the many ports of call in the area. Some of the ports of call of the Caribbean include: Fort Walton Beach, Saint Martin, Barbados, Grand Cayman, Montego Bay, and others. Each of these destinations have different cultures and beautiful scenery, and you are sure to have an unforgettable family vacation on a Caribbean cruise.

KidKraft Kids Club

If you are looking for an all inclusive place to go on vacation, you may wish to consider the KidKraft Kids Club. KidKraft’s kid’s club offers many different types of deals to families, including; special deals for couples, discounted hotel rates, and free admissions for elementary school. You may also visit places like the KidKraft Learning Center in South Pittsburg, which has an indoor playhouse for children ages three to five. Other KidKraft kid’s friendly travel destinations include the Discovery Place in East Liverpool, the WildWaters Adventure Park in Mound Lake, the Pittsburgh International Airport (MIA) in Pittsburgh International Airport, and the Sea Life Park in Bay Point, Florida.

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