Is It Worth To Go For a Trip To Ireland with Family?

Is It Worth To Go For a Trip To Ireland with Family?

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It depends on your likes and dislikes if you want to go on a Trip to Ireland with your family. Are you looking for a pub culture? Nightlife? Art galleries? Castles? Shopping?

 The three most significant cities in the Republic of Ireland are Dublin, Cork, and Galway, in that order. All are standing on rivers, and each has its vibe.

· Dublin is the capital, and thus has a good chunk of culture, shopping, and nightlife. It has all sorts of tourist attractions, such as Dublinia, the Guinness Factory, etc.

· Cork is Ireland’s Second City. It is a seaside city with a mild climate and a long marine history. Shopping for food in the English Market is a high point. It’s well-situated for forays into the Beara Peninsula or at a stretch, the Ring of Kerry.

· Galway is a college city and is known as the cultural heart of Ireland. It is known as a UNESCO City of Film. Music, especially traditional Irish music, is accessible and easy to find.

I think the best places in Ireland to visit is outside the cities, and into the smaller towns and communities. I’ve been to Ireland five times, and I no longer attend the big cities. I prefer places like Kenmare, Donegal, Westport, Athlone, and even smaller towns like Bunbeg, Ardara, or Ballyvaughan. This is where the real Ireland lives – not the bustle of the city, but the relaxed countryside.

Is It Worth To Go For a Trip To Ireland with Family?
Is It Worth To Go For a Trip To Ireland with Family?

Is It A Good Choice To Go For a Trip to Ireland With Family?

 I can say absolutely, YES! We are a westernized, industrialized country with all the associated benefits and issues. There are some beautiful sights, the history and culture of the are unique, the population well educated and facilities are world-class.

There are issues with crime, drug abuse, homelessness, etc. But there is practically 100% cellular coverage, nowhere is more than 50miles from a city or the sea. Catering is generally of a very high standard. There are some of the best golf courses in the world. There are unique national sports that can’t be in other countries. The people are inclusive and liberal; the nightlife in cities is diverse. As part of Europe, we’re usually the first port of call on European tours of major performers from U2 and the Rolling Stones to Michael Bublé and Elton John.

We very rarely get weather extremes so you can expect rain in the summer and sunshine in the winter, but people don’t come to Ireland for the weather in general.

Is It Worth To Go For a Trip To Ireland with Family?
Is It Worth To Go For a Trip To Ireland with Family?

Problems Of The Place

Problems with calling home usually occur on the other end because, with a population of around 5 million, we are roughly the equivalent of one major city in the US, so broadband is never overloaded. Credit and debit cards are accepted EVERYWHERE, and usually, contactless is available.

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