How To Follow The FCO Travel Advice In Order To Avoid These Mistakes

Fco Travel Advice

The FCO Travel Advice section of the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office website provides information that is essential for those planning a holiday in the UK. FCO Travel Advice offers a range of tips and advice to tourists and visitors from all over the world about travelling in the UK, including where you should stay, where to eat and what places to visit.

Know The Mistakes Made By People

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In this article we will look at some of the most common mistakes that people make while travelling in the UK. It is important that you avoid any major or small mistakes as they can be a big headache and money wastage when you return home. You may not realise it but there are many small things that you can do to make your trip safer and easier than others have experienced. This is why I have decided to provide a list of some of the most common mistakes people make when travelling in the UK.

If you are travelling by train then there are a number of guidelines that the FCO has for railway travellers. If you follow the advice in the guidelines properly then you can prevent a number of mistakes that can occur while travelling on the rail system.

When travelling by bus or coach, you need to make sure that you check the buses for any loose items. If you are travelling by car then there are a number of tips that can be used to avoid unnecessary delays while travelling. If you follow the correct advice then you should never have to worry about delay whilst travelling in the UK.

FCO Guidelines To Keep Your Children Safe

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If you are travelling with children then the FCO will also want to inform you about the best way to keep them safe. As long as they travel in groups of between four and twenty people then you can expect them to be kept safe and secure on public transport.

If you are travelling by boat, you need to make sure you have a licensed guide at your side every time you leave the shore. Many boat tour operators do not keep guides on board at all times. The last thing you want is to have to swim for two hours before you are finally able to get back to shore. As long as you have a licensed guide with you at all times then you should not have any problems when travelling in the UK.

Check Your Visas And Other Required Documents

When travelling through the UK, it is also worth remembering that the FCO requires that you have a document known as the Visas and Immigration Guide in order to enter the country. This guide will tell you how to go about applying for a visa and immigration papers and how to fill them out correctly. When you finally have these papers, it is a good idea to check them to see if they are missing or not matching your documentation.

If you are driving a car then there are some points that you will need to pay special attention to in order to avoid any mistakes. Most people fail to take the time to read these points because they do not always give enough time and attention to detail.

Final Words

The FCO also wants to make sure that you are aware of the importance of using a stopwatch and radar detectors when driving in the UK. You can get advice from the FCO as to how to avoid any mistakes and how to use these devices in order to help yourself stay safe when travelling in the UK.

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