Finding the Gay Travel Destination Youre Looking For

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Miami is a perennial U.S. gay travel destination where gay travelers flock in numbers unparalleled anywhere else in the country. The GLBT community has long been visiting this Floridian paradise for years. Now, if you’re looking for a great, affordable winter vacation to any of America s most gay-friendly cities, thinks Fort Lauderdale. Cape Town gay travel is also hugely popular with Europeans looking to get away from the cold winter north.

Nightclubs And Beaches For Gay

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Both locations offer an enormous selection of gay travel destinations, from nightclubs and beaches to art and culture. Many bars and nightclubs in Miami offer “no men allowed” areas for gay travelers to relax and be free to mingle with other patrons. Here are some spots to check out if you’re headed south on I-75:

Fort Lauderdale Beach

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Fort Lauderdale Beach is located not far from Miami and is home to quite a few gay hot spots. The Fort Lauderdale International Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade are held every year in late June or early July. While it’s not exactly a gay travel destination, the parade is an amazing spectacle, and the beach is a fantastic place to hang out. It’s also a great place to visit during the day if you want to witness the beautiful sunrise and sunsets.


The second most popular gay travel destination in Florida is Jacksonville. This up and coming capital city is home to Jacksonville Beach, a major tourist locale that offers plenty of gay clubs, beach activities, art galleries, and restaurants. Beach parties are common at night, and the annual Jazz Fest, featuring world-class musicians and performers, is a popular event. A popular attraction for LGBT travelers and gay clubs in the Jacksonville Museum of Art, which features works from some of today’s top artists.

San Francisco

San Francisco is another popular gay travel destination due to its liberal political culture and welcoming climate. While it isn’t exactly a gay travel destination, there are many gay-friendly activities and hotspots within the greater San Francisco Bay area. St. Paul Market is a large gay and lesbian haven, while the Castro Street Festival is an all-day celebration of gay culture in San Francisco’s historically gay district.


Orlando is currently the Orlando Metro Area’s capital city and is home to quite a few gay and lesbian nightlife options. Orlando’s gay-friendly nightlife is well known, and Orlando’s nightlife is famous for its exotic and hard-to-find gay clubs and bars. Gay clubs and bars in Orlando can be found all across the city, but the most vibrant gay scene is found around Central Florida’s charming town center. Orlando nightlife is very affordable, with many Orlando hotels offering special rates to visitors interested in a gay night out. There are even gay clubs and bars located within the hotels themselves!

New York City

New York City is perhaps the biggest and most influential city among American cities and is the perfect place for gay travelers. With the world-class culture, art and history found within NYC and the sultry nightlife that is so popular, no American city can be considered completely gay-friendly. However, NYC does boast the most gay-friendly restaurants, bars, and clubs. There are also many gay travel destinations within New York, including the Stonewall Inn, the United Nations, and many other hotspots. Many gay travelers who visit New York fall in love with the culture and the nightlife, and they decide to visit again.


Florida is another great option for gay travel destinations because there are countless gay-oriented beaches, bars, and nightclubs. There are more than 20 gay-friendly nightclubs, pubs, bars, and more to visit in Tampa alone! Orlando, one of America’s most gay-friendly tourist destinations, is located close to Tampa. Orlando nightlife is also phenomenal, with some of the country’s hottest gay spots located within an hour of central Orlando, making it easy for gay travelers to hit two or three hot spots during their stay. Miami Beach is Florida’s most gay-friendly beach, and visitors to the state will likely see at least a few gay-themed establishments while on their trip.

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