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time travel costume ideas

Did you know that time travel costume ideas are very popular, even during the holiday season?There could be a great deal of historical significance to the event that you are celebrating and you might like to represent that. Another reason that people love to have these costume parties is that there are usually quite a few time travelers in attendance.

What are some time travel costume ideas? The best idea may be to dress up as someone from a popular book or movie that has taken place somewhere in time. You can dress up as your favorite character. There are a lot of television shows that take place in time and they also come with time travel costume ideas.

If you happen to like the Twilight saga, then you might like to consider wearing a hooded cape or a cape that is shaped like a triangle to really give you the appearance that you are from the series.

Popular Television Shows

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There are also many popular television shows that have taken place in time. For example, Doctor Who is a time traveler who travels back in time. There are many costumes that have been made for this popular television series. Some are quite detailed, with tails and curls. Other costumes are just about recognizable, with the Doctor’s usual blue coat, scarf, and hat.

One of the most popular time-travel costume ideas is the hero known as Ripley. This archetypal character comes from the 1993 novel by James Patterson. Ripley is a young girl who was raised by the wolves, until she was saved by an expedition crew. Ripley was bitten by a spider and since then has been looking for her own bite. Since she is in constant danger of being eaten by spiders, she has developed a strange love for spiders.

Costume Ideas

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Other popular time travel costume ideas have to do with monsters. There is a long list of possible creatures from mythology that might travel through time. Among these would be the serpent, the dragon, and the vampire. Each of these has its own peculiarities that make them very distinctive. You might want to choose a costume based on one of these monsters from mythology.

Perhaps, the most famous of all time travelers is the hero Jack Sparrow. He appears in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. In this film, he was a man who sought revenge against the pirate captain who had mutilated his family. He wears a blue cloth suit with a row of barbed wire trailing behind him and carries a gun that is very similar to the gun that Anne Bonny and Mary had in the story.


Regardless of whether you choose to be a mythological creature or a fictional character, time travel costume ideas are fun to find. You can be as daring and creative as you like when it comes to wearing an outfit inspired by a time travel event in which you spent time in the future.

This type of costume idea is especially fun if you have a lot of free time in your hand to plan the different activities that you will have while on this trip. There are a lot of ways that you can make your costume ideas into a reality by visiting a website that offers access to a large database of time travel costume ideas.

Wrapping Up

The best part about this type of site is that it allows you to choose from a wide variety of time travel costumes, and it gives you tips for creating your costume on your own. You do not have to worry about finding suitable clothing to fit your time travel attire. You can easily find what you need online.

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