Family Travel World – An Exotic Exploration

Family Travel World - An Exotic Exploration

When someone says Portugal, the first thing that comes to mind is Cristiano Ronaldo. But Portugal is much more than the football superstar. Medieval castles, pristine beaches, and artery villages, Portugal is the ideal family travel world. One of these attractions is Rota Vicentina, also known as the Fisherman’s Trail. Once the hotbed of fishing activities, this trail is now crowded with hikers and tourists. Beautiful surroundings and a serene environment make this an ideal hiking spot. The 400 km long route is one of the most scenic hiking trails in the region.

Family Travel World – Porto Covo

This small region is the starting point of the trek. Porto Covo offers a majestic view of the Atlantic Ocean. It is an ideal starting point for the long road ahead.

Family Travel World - An Exotic Exploration
Family Travel World – An Exotic Exploration

Family Travel World – Vila Nova De Milfontes

This small town is characterized by small white houses with brightly colored windows. A quiet area, it is the perfect place for a rest before moving on.

Family Travel World – Almograve

After leaving Vila Nova de Milfontes, the route will take you across a bridge on the way to Almograve. On route to the next stop, the coastal scenery is breathtaking. Jagged cliffs offer a great view of the ocean. On the flip side, fields of wildflowers swaying in the light breeze.

Family Travel World Of – Zambujeira Do Mar

The next stop is the little town of Zambujeira do Mar. Immaculate beaches, beautiful scenery and serene surroundings sum up this small town. A visit to the Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Mar is a must. The cliffs offer a great view of the town and the ocean.

Family Travel World – Odeceixe

After leaving Zambujeira the scenery becomes much more breathtaking. A safari park also comes along the way. The Praia de Odeceixe Mar is a dazzling beach just before the main town of Odeceixe. This town is the major rest stop for most travelers.

Family Travel World – Aljezur

This hilltop town has a view of the entire area. Visit the castle for a better view of the picturesque surroundings. The cobbled streets and the brick houses offer a great medieval feel.


This fishing village is the next stop on the hiking trail. A great place to rest your tired legs and go swimming at the beach. The waters are crowded with surfers, both locals, and tourists.


At the end of one of the largest stretches in the trail, lies Carrapateira. Walkthrough the Praia do Amado beach overlooked by rocky cliffs. This place has some of the best views of the entire walk. The coves and cliffs overlooking the jubilant surfers make for an amazing view.

Family Travel World - An Exotic Exploration
Family Travel World – An Exotic Exploration


The final stop of the long hiking trail is in Sarges. The end of the Cape is near and the empty trails are filled with packed tourists.

The hiking trail is one of the most spectacular in all of Europe. You will be awed at the sight of it unleashes on the unsuspecting explorers.

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