Essential Travel Photography Gear

travel photography gear

Travel photography is one of those hobbies that many people start out with but don’t really get serious about until they have a substantial photography portfolio. Many don’t realize how much goes into travel photography until they see their first portfolio. The truth is, the more professional your portfolio is the better your business will be. And the only way to make a good business out of anything is to make a good living doing it. And photography is one of the best ways to make a living doing it.

Type Of Gear

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When most people start out with travel photography, they buy travel photography gear that is not suited to their type of photography. There are several types of gear available. But if you are just starting out with digital photography, you don’t need anything fancy. Actually, the simplest gear to own is probably the digital camera. Depending on your specific photography niche, the gear may just have to survive tough, unpredictable weather conditions, like heavy rain or super-stormy weather.

For instance, if you are a landscape or nature photographers, you probably already own a decent camera, and a tripod if you are traveling. You may be able to rent a lens when you go on hiking expeditions or use a simple point-and-shoot camera to take pictures on the hiking trail. Most outdoor photographers also have a basic backpack to carry their gear in. But for most of the other travel photography gear, a camera, tripod, filter kit, pocket travel camera, and a digital photo camera is all you need. If you are a member of a photography or hiking club, many clubs have gear and memberships that can also provide you with some great advice about which items to buy.

Where To Buy Them

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A good travel photography gear list is a must-have. You may find it difficult to squeeze everything in your regular camera bag. Here are some suggestions to help you stay organized and have a great vacation. Probably the most important travel items are your camera bags and filter bags.

As with any luggage, make sure you pack clothes suitable for the climate of the destination you plan to visit. For instance, if you are going to the Alps, pack a t-shirt with shorts and a ski jacket. In warmer climates, pack two to three shirts and shorts, a rain jacket, a fleece sweater, and a hat. If you are traveling in the tropics, light clothing should suffice such as a lightweight beach wear. And when you are in the desert, light shoes with sandals is a good choice for your travel photography gear bag.

Tips For Their Use

Another useful piece of travel photography gear to bring with you is a digital camera. But what kind? Today’s modern technology offers several options. One important factor to consider is the size. It has become common for amateur photographers to use medium-sized pocket cameras because they are easy to carry and to use. However, if you really want a big, impressive camera that can provide high-quality images, you will need a professional digital camera.

The next item on the travel photography gear list is a good pair of tripods. There are two basic types to choose from: fixed tripod or removable tripod. Tripods are designed to keep the camera steady while shooting. They are held securely by the tripod foot and the head of the camera. Some types of tripods are padded to provide extra comfort during shooting.


The third essential photography item is a wide lens. Wide angle lenses offer more flexibility than normal lenses. They can be used for portrait shots, landscape shots, close-ups, and fireworks. You can use a wide lens regardless of whether you want to use the camera body or the head as your point of reception. This means you can take the lens apart when necessary. However, a fixed lens camera body is usually heavier and is more stable.

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