Destination Wedding Travel – Get Your Destination Wedding Done Within Your Budget

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Let us first established the fact that weddings are so beautiful and everybody deserves their dream wedding. When we speak of a dream wedding, it is possible that we think of a destination wedding. There are a lot of misconceptions about destination weddings be extremely expensive and something that requires extensive planning and not something everybody can have. While have we agree with the fact that it requires planning, we also believe that it is possible to get it done within your budget with a proper plan.

Make A Plan

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Destination weddings can become wonderful if you are able to allocate some time earlier before you announce the dates out. Make a list of things you would like to see in your wedding and first decide the location and guests. A brilliant had would be to not invite too many people for a destination wedding because as much as you would not want the crowd, you would also have to spend more money in making them feel convenient in a completely different location. Let us focus on the couple and their wedding instead. 

Budget Planning

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Planning your budget for your dream destination wedding would include listing out the elements that you are expecting and find out how you can replace them with eco-friendly and recycled items and a good example of this would be the gifts. Check the areas where you can make some changes and do it accordingly to bring it within your budget.

Best Beach Spots – Locations In US to Consider

Beaches are the best summer hotspots that drive people crazy about various desert activities and water sports. Some famous beaches in The United States are listed below.

Oahu, Hawaii – Hawaii is the dream destination for many travelers. Oahu has gained world recognition for having the widest golden stretches. Oahu is the home and heart of Hawaii consisting of the famous Waikiki beach. This place is best known for surfing, turtle beach, pearl harbor, and the volcano villages. 

Miami, Florida – This is a famous beach destination that is even liked by the natives and has gained worldwide recognition for the epitome of “sunny Florida”. Miami city offers a beautiful high-class lifestyle and culture, history, arts, and amazing landscapes that one can never get bored of. Apart from this, it is a very outstanding travel destination for couples, or young adults wanting to have nightlife to the fullest. 

Malibu, California – While talking about the most famous beaches in The States, one must not forget the renowned surfing destination I.e California. The views of the Santa Monica mountains take everyone’s breath away. It’s indeed a soothing and calm place to relax the soul, body, and mind. 

This is a list of locations you can consider that in the United States but this is also an idea as to how you can choose your location in your country.


A wedding can be an expensive affair if you are not able to plan properly and it is time for us to get rid of the misconception about destination weddings being more expensive than conventional ones. Also, it is your wedding and you have to take the time to have some fun and plan it just like you want it to be.

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