Cheap Winter Family Vacations In The United States

Cheap Winter Family Vacations In The United States

The United States is a vast country having a different variety of landscapes. You can find mountains, valleys, beaches and many other places to spend your winter family vacation. Moreover, there are excellent accommodation facilities in the country. However, it is not easy to find inexpensive places. In this article, we describe the ideal places to spend cheap winter family vacations in the United States. Hence, you must read this post carefully for planning your United State trip.

Cheap Winter Family Vacations In The United States

Silver Mountain, Idaho

This mountain lies near the mines of Kellogg, Idaho. You can travel there by just one hour drive from Washington. The place is ideal for families. It receives heavy annual snowfall of approximately 300 inches. Therefore, it is perfect for the ones who like skiing during the winter holidays. Moreover, the place is the largest waterpark in Idaho.

There are cheap accommodation options. You can stay there for around $270 per night, along with access to the waterpark. Moreover, they provide a proper bedroom, kitchen, and fireplace for the night.

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin: Cheap Winter Family Vacations

The resort area of Lake Geneva is an excellent place for families to spend vacations. Moreover, you can find many affordable items in small-town charm. In February, you can also enjoy ski circus on the ice at this spot. This spot also offers other activities, including skiing, ice-skating, snowshoeing, and many more.

The families can stay at the water park lodges. They offer two-bedroom suite along with six waterpark passes for around $336 per night. You can also opt to stay in Cove in downtown that offers a two-bed suite in lower price around $197 per night.

Cheap Winter Family Vacations In The United States

Colorado Springs, Colorado

The place lies in the middle of the country. Moreover, it is easily accessible with various cheap airlines. This place has around 60 tourist attractions. Nearly 30 of them are free or low-cost. It makes the site perfect for families. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo at this place can make you experience hand feeding of giraffes and elephants. There are various museums for history lovers like Money museum and Pioneer museum.

You can find budget-friendly lodges and accommodation options here. Even, some of them offer to stay the night at $150 in the offseason.

Orlando, Florida: Cheap Winter Family Vacations

The ideal time to visit Orlando is before Christmas. The Hilton Orlando offers very low prices at that time. The prices are as low as $120 per night that week. Moreover, there is a great 892-foot long river. Therefore, it prevents you from spending your money on theme parks. The place also offers a swimming pool with zero entry fee.

North Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

The place lies between two states. You can visit the spot comfortably by driving from Northern California. There are plenty of beaches, twelve ski resorts, and many biking trails situated on the Lake Tahoe. You can also experience dog sledding at Squaw Creek. The Sand Harbor will offer the magical sleigh ride in the snow. The places offer various fun activities for families.

The lodges are very affordable. You can stay there at around $109 per night in the waterfront Franciscan Lodge.

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