Cheap Travel Destinations in Europe

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Here are some unique destinations outside of India that are up-and-coming for their ease of access, recreation that doesn’t burn a hole in your pockets, and scenic beauty that promises to do wonders for your soul!

Tallinn, Estonia

Cheap Travel

Unlike many European cities, Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, has yet to become a tourist-packed mob scene during the warm summer months. But there’s every reason to believe that might change in the future, as this charming city is well worth a visit. Tallinn sports a stunning juxtaposition of the old and new, with medieval Gothic architecture set next to an urban neighbourhood.

Tallinn is a something out of a dream with its pristine coastline, the ‘edge walk’ on its 175-metre TV Tower, and its streets bursting with new-age culture. Sample your way through the vibrant food scene – there are also plenty of options for vegans and vegetarians!  

Berlin, Germany

Cheap Travel

Home to the famed Berlin Wall (remains of which can still be observed), the capital city of Germany has emerged as one of the most popular tourist spots in all of Europe. Where on one hand, a thriving nightlife and a progressive art scene is what brings Berlin to life, on the other, historical landmarks like the Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate keep the flame of this city’s turbulent history alive as a revered memory in people’s minds. 

Indians will have no trouble at all when it comes to food as Berlin is considered a vegan haven, perfect for vegetarians. Also, flights via Munich or Zurich will get you there without any trouble.

Prague, Czech Republic

The 14th century Prague Castle, statue-lined Charles Bridge, and a selection of striking buildings depicting baroque architecture of centuries past, Prague is the place for affordable accommodation, on-foot exploration, and possibly the best beer in the world.

Around the Old Town Square, you’ll find intriguing chapels and old-fashioned bars to keep your wanderlust sated. One-stop flights to Prague make your travel cheaper and manageable, and with KAYAK’s flight search,  it’s simple to choose the route most suited to your needs.

Porto, Portugal

For travellers looking at a budget trip to Portugal, Porto is a great option, as it is known to be friendly on the pocket with cheap public transport, alleys adorned with graffiti art, and an endless supply of port wine! Picture-perfect panoramas across the coast of Rio Douro are easy to get used to, with every sunset a gift in this relaxing Portuguese city.  

Plus any travellers with dietary restrictions should rest easy –  the city is one of a host of European destinations with a good amount of vegetarian options, as meat-free diets gain popularity all across Europe!

Budapest, Hungary

A hot favourite among Euro-travellers, Hungary’s capital on the banks of the river Danube is one of the largest European cities, teeming with medieval and modern-day architecture. The city has a rich history, tinged with moments of violence and struggle as can be reflected in memorials such as ‘Shoes on the Danube Bank’.  

This city is a beautiful place to walk around – you can gaze at the historic architecture or stop at its famous baths for a truly Hungarian experience. It is also a favourite for budget travellers looking for cheap holiday destinations in Europe, with plenty of affordable hotels and cheap public transport for getting around. It’s well connected, with flights to Budapest easy to find via Munich, Istanbul, or Frankfurt, so travellers looking to visit more than one European destination should definitely keep it in mind.

These are some of the best and cheap travel destinations in Europe.

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