Cheap Travel Destination In The World

Cheapest Travel Destination In The World

A cheap travel destination is what everybody wants. The most affordable travel destination needs to be one that is budget-friendly. Who doesn’t loves traveling? A destination has to be such that offers the best value for money. Moreover, it needs to provide the best accommodation, food, scenic beauty, and transportation.

Cheapest Travel Destination In The World
Cheapest Travel Destination In The World

Here Are Some Cheap Travel Destinations

Laos– a place in Asia is one of the places where you can travel with less money. Almost $30 per day will be expenses on food, traveling, and accommodation. Laos provides fantastic activities that can be done at a cheap rate. $7 for a full day tubing in the beautiful river Vang.
Furthermore, if you want to relax at $6, you can go for a tiger balm massage. However, it will be easy to rent a motorbike and go to visit nearby places and towns. You will be able to get cheap stuff at budget-friendly rates. The meal expense per day is around $3 to $ 9. Accommodation varies from $5 to $10 per night.

Vietnam – it is popular for its beaches and Buddhist pagodas. Besides, it provides the cheapest and healthiest street food. Meals per day cost around $ 5 to $ 10. Accommodation per night ranges around $5 to $ 10. Moreover, transportation costs around $ 8 to $ 15 if you rent a motorbike. Vietnam is a beautiful city to travel to. Street food is awesome here. A nice blended strong coffee just cost $1. A nice cup of noodle soup costs $1.5 only. The traffic is a bit chaotic here. Therefore, one can use a Grab Bike. It costs $.05 for 2 km. buses and trains are also available here.

Some Other Cheap Travel Destinations

Northern Thailand– all those who have a budget constraint can go to travel to Thailand. Places like Chiang, Pai, and Mai are right for traveling. Even the street food here is tasty as well as authentic. One can visit the white temple and go hiking. It is better to go in a group to save money. The meal cost per day ranges from $5 to $15. Accommodation cost is around $ 5- $ 10. It is better to rent a car with four people to divide the rent cost.

Indonesia– can be both costly as well as cheap, depending on the transportation cost. If you travel from one island to another by a private boat, it can be expensive. It is better to stay in one region and enjoy every bit of it. It will help you to know the place better. Food and drinks are cheap. A place like the Gili Islands is very reasonable. One can go for scooter rides in the mountains. Hiking is another option to travel to a new location. Accommodation facilities are available in plenty of moreover, at a cheap cost. The meal cost per day is $5 to $ 15 per day. Transportation cost ranges from $5 to $10. Per day expense in Indonesia is around $ 30.

Cheapest Travel Destination In The World
Cheapest Travel Destination In The World


There are many places in this world that one can travel quickly, even if one has a low budget. Just remember to calculate the traveling cost, food cost, and cost of accommodation. If all these three factors are set, one can easily travel to beautiful places without worrying about money.

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