Best 4 Travel Scrapbook Ideas For The Globetrotter

Travel Scrapbook Ideas

Since our childhood, we all are fond of journals and scrapbooks. It sounds outdated, but preserving our golden memories is also important. If you are that nostalgic kind of person who prefers storing memories and experiences, then start keeping travel scrapbooks. So are you finding some travel scrapbook ideas?

In this article, we’ll be sharing some interesting scrapbooks ideas for all the travel lovers. When you go for romantic vacations and family vacations, you should collect photographs, tickets, and pictures. Later, you should organize them using any of these below scrapbooks’ ideas.

Here are some of the best and latest travel scrapbook ideas of 2020.

Small Travel Albums

Try These Travel Scrapbook Ideas
Try These Travel Scrapbook Ideas

Are you interested in mini travel albums or keeping different scrapbooks? Well, you should now switch to small travel albums. Yes, because customizing and storing the large scrapbooks is a challenging task. You should actually consider the miniature versions of travel albums.

These travel albums are handmade and affordable, as well. You can also create your own mini travel albums by watching video tutorials on YouTube. They beautifully give you the best disclaimer of your every trip. The best part is they look small, but you can preserve your bunch of golden memories easily.

Three-Ring Photo Scrapbook

Are you interested in photography along with traveling? Do you always capture innumerable photos on every weekend? If yes, then you might be struggling to pick the best pictures for your scrapbook. Why to even delete your ugly photos when a three-ring photo scrapbook is there.

This scrapbook is similar to the travel journal, but it’s very bulky. Organizing your photos in this scrapbook is very simple, and you can store hell lot of pictures. The best part is you can arrange all your photographs into collages and punch them with floating rings. Above all, you can also add your tickets and postcards in this scrapbook.

Pocket Photo Album

Do you want to make your own DIY photo album which is space-efficient and economical? If yes, then you can make your own DIY element and organize all your small memories. This pocket photo album will look less than scrapbook and more like a photo album.

You can design your pocket photo album with plastic pages and labeled polaroids. Here, you can save your tickets and drawings along with your photos. In simpler words, you can use this pocket photo album in multiple ways.

Handmade Polaroid Journal

Do you want to keep things clean, simple, and more realistic? If yes, then you need a handmade polaroid journal. It is easily available on the online stores. But, it should be a DIY that suits your memories and taste. You should give a vintage theme by writing your memories and attaching some pictures on the sides.

Perfect Travel Scrapbook Ideas
Perfect Travel Scrapbook Ideas

However, you can only store a few memories because handmade journals are mostly smaller in size. But, if you prefer handmade journals, then you make a separate journal for your every memory. Apart from scrapbooks, you should also check some unique kid-friendly ideas.

Now, you might be familiar with the concept of travel scrapbook ideas. As a beginner, you should some tips and tricks for making your own DIY journals. At last, there is nothing wrong with preserving your golden memories in journals and scrapbooks.

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