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Family packages are all about catering to the family and providing them with opportunities to do things together. Whether it is location-based, activity-based, or culture and cuisine, a family package can be designed around many different criteria. There should be something for everyone in the family and not just one person! It’s all about bringing the family together and ensuring everyone has a good time.

Important to consider for family package:

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  1. While the location is very important, it’s about more than just beaches and pools. Authentic experiences that families can share are just as important. For example, who wouldn’t love to spend time together sipping coffee in Paris or exploring the ancient temples of Tikal? The more kids travel with their parents, the more they will appreciate where they end up and that in turn makes everyone happy.
  2. Family packages can be designed around many different criteria: location, activity, culture, and cuisine.
  3. Before getting into the family package details, it’s important to highlight some of the major factors when traveling with children. Firstly, you have to decide how old your children are as they each have different needs and expectations. Secondly, you need to look at the destination and understand how child-friendly is the city or town? Is it family-friendly? Are there any safety concerns that parents should be aware of?

Once these two major factors have been addressed, you can start thinking about what types of activities are available. Do they include the whole family? Are they age-appropriate? Can you modify them to suit your children’s needs and wants?

What is included in a family package?

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A family package can be anything that you like, but here are some ideas:

  • Family accommodation (all under one roof) with kids’ activities and babysitting service available.
  • Family admission to major attractions, museums, and events.
  • Dining options that are family-friendly such as kids’ menus, special activities for the little ones, and even high chairs in restaurants.
  • Discounted tours, activities, and products that cater to families (or at least take into account that children have a shorter attention span).
  • Children do not pay the full price for their plane ticket (sometimes even free if they are under 2 years old) and receive discounts on all other services.

And the list goes on… When designing your family package, make sure to include elements that everyone in the family will enjoy. The more options you can provide, the better.


Family packages are about making memories and the happy times spent with family. It’s important to involve the whole family when designing them for everyone to be excited. If you can think outside of just one person’s expectations, then success is guaranteed! Once designed, make sure that all elements included in the package will translate into great memories.

And remember, it’s the simple things that make a family happier. So, if you can include some of these in your family packages, then they will be guaranteed to have fun together.

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