A Comprehensive List On Most Expensive Travel Destination

most expensive travel destination

Want to decide on your budget after knowing about the most expensive travel destination in the world? Or want to get an idea about the cost one needs to pay to travel to the most expensive places? Or planning a vacation? Whatever be the cause, get all the answers to your questions in this post.


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London is the most expensive travel destination in the world if you look at the cost of one day of tourism. Staying in a 4-star hotel costs an average of £ 230 (about € 284). The Daily Mail has compared the price to an Oslo hotel room where you can shell out £ 140. New York, which is generally considered an expensive destination, was also left behind by London.

New York City

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New York is one of the world’s most famous tourist attractions. NYC is an influential area among several U.S. industries and many creative companies and is an important center of industry and artists. Perhaps more so, the NYC tourism sector profits from its status as a wild city that draws wild visitors. They defend their elevated costs by invoking supply and demand; but, the fact is they are overcharging the public with prices beginning at $730 a night for a premium hotel and the average cost for a mid-range hotel being $350.

The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are famed for their lovely play areas. Richard Branson owns a villa on a private island and is open for rent only to those who can afford it. Another pricey spot to visit is Guana. It has no public access because you have to travel to Beef Island and then ride the resort’s cruise to your end destination. Guana is around 895 acres, and it averages about 30 guests. Training is given. Activities include bird-watching, camping, and other recreational activities.


The city has been a popular destination for many tourists. A long history and a decisive role in forming Europe and the Modern World has won Paris the name of a city of romance, and this is with its love of the classic French pastries, its love of wine, and its love of chocolate. The icing on the top of the city’s charm is the number of royal castles and grand cathedrals that give history lovers, design fans, and even the ordinary visitor a thrilling sightseeing experience.


Contrary to popular perception, Fiji is simply a set of 332 islands! It has become a tourist hot spot based on several surveys —and it is among the most desirable destinations. The nation is noted for its serene surroundings and its location away from towns being a remote area.

The Last One: Tuscany

Most people don’t think of Tuscany when exploring Italy, but you may also find out-of-the-way attractions to be relatively inexpensive. Cities such as Rome, Naples, Florence, and Venice are among the most costly. Tuscany has a long tradition dating back to pre-Roman days. Most of the hotels are old villas that have been turned into luxury suites for wealthy visitors. Many searching for some variety for their travel to Italy will be well inclined to choose Tuscany. The cost is not much different than Rome or Florence.

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