5 Essential Pet Travel Gear You Did Not Know You Need

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Traveling with pets is not as fun as it seems. It’s more like having a baby on board. We travel for our fun and adventure, but we don’t even know if our pet wants to or not. What is best and unique we can do in this situation is to ensure that the pet is comfortable throughout the trip. 

To ensure their comfort, there are many pet travel gear that exists. These pet travel gears help you out so that you and your pet can enjoy the trip together. So let’s introduce you to some less known pet travel gear. 

Pet Travel Organizer Kit- Best Pet Travel Gear

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Not only you but your pet also needs a travel organizer kit that stores all of their essentials. You can keep all your pet’s accessories in one place that will be perfect for long rides. Essentials could be like traveling towels for your pet, storage bag for food, water bottle, their favorite toys, etc. 

Outdoor Pop Up Tent

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Suppose you are a pet parent who immensely loves to travels and camp a lot. Then this pet travel gear is for you. It is a pop-up tent for your pet, especially dogs which is perfectly portable like a dog house. You don’t want to invite insects hitching or tears on the wall and floor. Instead, give your pet a tent of your own to enjoy a comfortable sleep. 

Pet Passport And Medical Record Folder

If you immensely love traveling by air, then this pet travel gear or you can say documents are essential. Keep all the paperwork organized in a file where they are easily accessible. A rear pocket folder gives you enough space to record visa stamps and travel information like vaccination numbers, lists of prescriptions, microchip numbers, etc. 

Shake Dog Potty

This is the essential pet travel gear when there is no grassy area available. A shake Dog potty is an excellent solution for that. It is a pet travel gear with a square shape that is light in weight, small. It resembles a suitcase when it’s unfolded and has grated holes that allow urine to pass through it. Get one for your pet, and you’ll know why you missed getting one. 

Water Foam Dog And Cat Shampoo

Keeping your pet clean between vacations can be a challenging activity. Luckily, a pet travel gear by John Paul Waterless Foam Shampoo for dogs and cats is an option for you. Just massage a good amount, not much, not less on your pet’s fur, and brush until it’s completely dry. This will help you avoid any dramatic pet bath, plus leave your pet with a pleasant smell. 


There is much other essential pet travel gear that you will require for your pets on the trips. Trust me when I say that essential pet travel gear will change the way you travel with your pet. By keeping them comfortable and secure throughout. 

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