5 Amazing Beach Destinations Around The World


One should not underestimate the beach getaways of Asia. The glittering blue waters, beautiful sands, strong wind, and sun rays make these getaways a must go place for beach lovers. These locations are picture perfect in every way. You will forget about all your worries and would love to relax. In Asia, you will find some terrific beach getaways. These destinations offer what you want from a beach holiday away from all the chaos of city life. Here are some of the prominent beach getaways of Asia that you would love to explore.

5 Beach Getaways Of Asia You Can't-Miss
5 Beach Getaways Of Asia You Can’t-Miss

1. Panjim, Goa – One Of The Top Beach Getaways

When it comes to beach getaways in Asia, the name Goa will come up in the list. It is an ultimate destination of India that you should visit. The place has a laid-back vibe together with cool places to hang out and water sports to enjoy. You can just listen to beautiful music and have your drink on the beach itself. One can’t ignore the lovely ambiance of the place, along with a mix of tourists and locals. In Goa, Bambolim beach, Candolim beach, Miramar Beach, Dona Paula beach are the best beach locations.

2. Singapore – One Of The Best Beach Getaways

Singapore is a great getaway for beach lovers. The vibrant city has some of the best beaches across the world. You will get restaurants and bars, human-made wonders, and terrific shopping districts in the country. The beaches in Singapore are not natural beaches, but artificial beaches are still stunning. You won’t even think that these beaches are human-made. The picaresque view looks like a real thing. You can check out Palawan beach, Sentosa beach, Punggol beach, Tanjong beach, and Changi beach is the most popular beaches in Singapore.

5 Beach Getaways Of Asia You Can't-Miss
5 Beach Getaways Of Asia You Can’t-Miss

3. Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya is the place you would want to go as young and wild. You will find many bars in the area. The beaches in Pattaya are sunny, good for surfing and other outdoor beach sports. You will get to eat some delicious food here. If you are young and wild, you will have super fun. There are some scattered islands where you can visit. Naklua Beach, Pattaya beach, Jomtien beach, Ko Lan, Wong Amat beach and Dongtan beach are among best beach getaways.

4. Boracay, Philippines

If you want heaven on earth, this is the place you would want to visit. The beaches with vast sea create a fabulous setting for many things that are fun and also exciting. Though atiny island, it has everything for a modern traveler. Live music, water sports, shops, hotels, bars, and restaurants – you will get everything here. You must visit these dreams beaches once in your lifetime – Puka beach, Bulabog beach, White beach, Balinghai beach, and Ilig Iligan beach.

5 Beach Getaways Of Asia You Can't-Miss
5 Beach Getaways Of Asia You Can’t-Miss

5. Lombok, Indonesia

Lombok has many things to offer to its visitors if they are looking to have beach fun. You will get plenty of surfing spots, and you would love to spend your time on the shore. The best part of these beaches is their island interiors. There are plenty of secluded and well-visited beaches here in Lombok. Pink beach, Selong Balanak, Mawun Beach and Tanjung Aan are some of the best beaches of Lombok

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