4 Unique Kid-Friendly Ideas For Family Travel


Traveling is the mode of refreshment, and it serves the same for all age groups. From a toddler to a grandparent, everyone enjoys a vacation. A family vacation is a must for every family to carry on with life. And with children, it makes more fun. Amusement parks and zoos are not that interesting these days since the kids have already made enough fun experiences with them. Now it’s time to change. Here are some unique kid-friendly ideas for a vacation; one must have a look for it’s time to change. 

4 Unique Kid-Friendly Ideas For Family Travel
4 Unique Kid-Friendly Ideas For Family Travel

The Datai Langkawi (Location: Kedah, Malaysia)

Pack up your bags to visit this place with all your family. This resort provides with jungle safari program named Datai Family Escapade, in the jungle which surrounds the whole resort. Suitable timing for visiting this resort is the month of April. The hotel provides 44 canopy rooms with luxurious facilities. Wake up to the morning in the serene atmosphere, and then start your day with the guidance from the resorts private naturalist. Take a bath in the Andaman Sea in the morning and go for exploration in the surrounding. Start your day with a signature breakfast for both the parents and for two kids comes with the package, with a bonus of free meal throughout the stay in that resort for the young guests. This fantastic package for the idea of family vacation starts from $ 383.

The Resort At Paws Up; Packed With Unique Kid-Friendly Ideas (Location: Greenough, Montana)

4 Unique Kid-Friendly Ideas For Family Travel
4 Unique Kid-Friendly Ideas For Family Travel

This exceptional resort in Montana provides a fantastic family-friendly package where the kids get te chance fo enrollment in the Kids Corps discovery package. Itineraries have been set up from each group of kids starting from toddlers to teenagers, activities are designed for especially for kids for all age groups starting from morning and then ending with the night. The package starts from $ 2270.

Beyond Lodges And Camps: (Location: Several Locations In Africa)

This resort provides visitors with a fantastic experience of African culture. Therefore while planning your vacation, one must consider &Beyond Lodges and camps for it’s packed with unique kid-friendly ideas. Own rangers and trackers from the lodge are assigned for enrolled kids for the WILD Child program, to make a visit and make them learn the African culture and let them experience the adventure of expeditions. A lot of education programs also come up with the benefit of staying over here. The main goal of this resort is to engage all age group kids in this set program to enjoy the African culture. The package starts at $ 765.

Belmond Afloat In France, Packed With Unique Kid-Friendly Ideas 🙁 Location: Several locations In France)

The best time to visit this location is from is April till October. The whole vacation is planned on a barge, across the regions of France. Belmond afloat provides with five small boats with some private charters. The largest Berge was allowing around 12people at most, planning the day as per the moods of the guests and as per the weather, Belmond Afloat provides the customers with a fantastic tour all across France. Package start around $6306.

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