4 Pocket-Friendly Island Vacation Ideas


It is possible to go for cheap island vacations in South-East Asia. You won’t be able to forget the magnificent journey, though. Dip in the pristine waters takes a sunbath. Here are some cheap island vacations ideas in South-East Asia.

4 Cheap Island Vacations In South-East Asia
4 Cheap Island Vacations In South-East Asia

1. Rai Leh, Thailand

On the Andamans, Rai Leh is a beach paradise of Thailand. If you are here, you must visit its breathtaking Phra Nang beach. Rai Leh is great beach in Thailand. Just relax on the white sand facing massive cliffs in the middle of the sea. If you love rock climbing, then you should visit Ton Sai. When you reach the viewpoint, you will get a wonderful view of the islands.

To make most in the area, stay at least for 3 days. If you are hungry, you can relish some Thai food at Mangrove Restaurant and Railay Phutswan Resort. You can stay at Railei Beach Club or Railay Great View Resort.

2. Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Picture-perfect beaches with white sand and the impenetrable jungle make Phu Quoc an excellent location for cheap island vacations. You can go for trekking through the National Park of Phu Quoc. Visit Ong Lan and Cua Can beaches. At night go to Dinh Cau night market to indulge in some delicious Vietnamese street food.

It is advisable to visit the place with at least 3 days in your hand. Do you know that you can get western-style breakfast and traditional Spanish tapas at Mondo? Relishing some awesome shepherd’s pie, apple pie, shrimp spring rolls from Oasis is a must. Bamboo Cottages and Mai House are two good places to stay there. Mai House is one of the best resorts on the island. However, if you stay at in Bamboo Cottages, then you can enjoy the Vung Bau beach very well.

4 Cheap Island Vacations In South-East Asia
4 Cheap Island Vacations In South-East Asia

3. Tioman Island, Malaysia

You will love to lose all your worries when you are amidst green jungles, white sand beaches, and clear streams. And Tioman Island is the place for you. For leisurely vacation, it is an ideal place. Won’t you love to see tropical fish, multi-colored corals, spot butterflies deer and monitor lizards there? While staying there, visit some villages around the coastline. You can go for rock-climbing at the Gunung Nenek Semukut.

To get a wholesome experience, you should stay there for at least 5 nights. Why not try out Malayan fare from Arini’s Family Restaurant. Have delicious Thai food from the Thai Fun Restaurant. Coral Reef holidays and Bamboo Hill Chalets are the two best places to stay. You will love holidaying here.

4 Cheap Island Vacations In South-East Asia
4 Cheap Island Vacations In South-East Asia

4. Langkawi

Do you know Langkawi is one of the popular cheap island vacations places in South-East Asia? This place will make you want more. Pantai Cenang is a well-known beach of Langwaki. At Pulau Payar Marine Park, you can snorkel while relaxing in Pantai Kok. You must visit the tallest mountain, Gunung Raya as well as an ecotourism park Laman Padi. You should stay here for 5 days to enjoy all the attractions of the place.

When hungry, you can just dive into rich Malay style curries as well as grilled fish at the Siti Fatimah. At Ashkim, have some the Mediterranean and Turkish-style kebabs. Geopark Hotel Oriental Village and Azio Hotel are good places to stay on budget.