30th Birthday Travel Ideas

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Travelling on your birthday to your dream destinations sounds like a great idea to celebrate your special day. You can either choose to travel with your friends and family members, only girlfriends or with your partner. Here are some ideas.

Travel to Exotic Destinations

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Have you saved enough in your life to fulfil your dream of traveling to some exotic land? 30th birthday is the time to tick some places off your bucket list. You can visit India, Bali, Thailand, Tasmania, Europe, Africa and any other place in the world where you always dreamt of going.

Weekend Getaway

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Traveling to a nearby resort on your 30th birthday with your bae makes a lot of sense, rather than throwing a party at your place, inviting guests and then cleaning the next day. A weekend getaway can be to a close by resort to your town so that you don’t have to spend much on travel fare. It can be a cozy and romantic getaway away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Beach Destinations

One of the best birthdays are celebrated on a beach destination! So, if you have a beach destination on mind, now is the time to pack a few bikinis and set off. If you want to have a gala time with your gals, then take them all along to have a blast on your birthday. 

Hilly Destinations

Or, if you would rather enjoy a cold birthday wearing your best coat and boots, then choose a hilly place. Hill stations have some lovely resorts that offer great setups and discounts for birthday parties.

Travel to a Religious Place

Not many would want to do this, but if you are religious, you may want to spend this special occasion of your life taking blessings. If an old church is on your mind that you would want to see for its architecture, then now is the time to plan such a birthday.

Travel Home

If you have not visited your parents since long, then why not surprise them on your birthday by giving them a surprise visit. Nothing beats your mom’s hand baked cake on your birthday. Relive your childhood memories on your birthday and make it a day to remember.These are some cute 30th birthday travel ideas that you can think of. This birthday, rather than throwing a party, think about traveling. The destination can be any depending upon your budget, time and also on your bucket list plans. If you have never seen snow in your life, now is the time to plan a vacation to a snowy area and if exotic party places like Spain arouse your interest, then plan for Spain. But, beware that you need to plan ahead. You will get cheaper travel fare and best packages only when you plan and book your holiday ahead of time.

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