3 South African Destinations You Have To See


South African holidays are the paradise for the lovers of wildlife and nature. For a hardcore adventurer, it is a dream destination. The locals of the area work very hard for keeping nature in its purest form. You should gear up for South African holidays for next vacation to lose yourself into the rich history, culture, and warmth of the people. South Africa is not so popular as people know less about this rich country of the African continent.

Few South African Holidays Destinations You Must Visit

3 South African Holidays For You
3 South African Holidays For You

1. Cape Town-Western Cape

There is no doubt about Cape Town being one of the best South African holidays. It is a great destination for scenic beauty and adventure. The city has a combination of cosmopolitan culture and as well as a great lifestyle. From hiking up to the Table Mountain, tasting finest of the wine from Cape Winelands, to exploring the beaches with white sand, you can do all of this. This destination is excellent for everyone.

Don’t miss out hiking, whale watching, cable-car ride, wildlife safari, Garden Route Tour, and Wineland tour. You will also find penguins in Cape Town. Wondering where? You will find them at Boulders Beach. No need to go to Antarctica to see these beautiful creatures. The Table Bay Hotel, Taj Cape Town and Holiday Inn Express are great places to stay in the city.

3 South African Holidays For You
3 South African Holidays For You

2. Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth is a wonderful beach destination in South Africa. The city has the 4th best weather conditions among all the other coastal cities of the world. It’s the paradise for the beach lovers. They can go into adventures like surfing, fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. People of the city are devoted towards the great Nelson Mandela. And their respect and devotion are prominent enough with all the architecture as well as the name Nelson Mandela Bay.

Here you should not miss out on water sports, historical centers, beaches as well as famous museums. This city is a perfect getaway for Nelson Mandela fans, history lovers and of course the beach lovers and adventurer. You will meet some of the great folks in the country here. As the people are friendly, it is also the Friendly City to many. While making memories, don’t forget to make new friends. While you are in the city, you can check in the Courtyard Hotel, Radisson Blu or 5th Avenue Beach House.

3 South African Holidays For You
3 South African Holidays For You

3. Durban

Golden beaches are just one aspect of Durban city that attracts visitors. It’s the mix of high mountain hikes, bird watching, great history, and rich architecture that allure people worldwide. The hot favorite things for the visitors are it bountiful water-based activities and attractions. Who love the sea and beach, just can’t miss the city.

If you are in Durban then your “must go to places” are Nature Reserves, Craft Bazaars, Water Parks, Aquariums and its beaches. The city is ideal for Nature worshippers, beach lovers, and enthusiasts of water-sports. If you love to hike and love to be amidst nature, then do visit Ukhahlamba Drakensberg Park. You will have great hiking opportunities here. Apart from that, this park has a spiritual essence of its own. At Durban, you can stay at Hilton Durban, Southern Sun Elangeni & Maharani, or Blue Waters Hotel here.

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