3 International Family Trips On A Budget


When you are planning for an international trip, always look for family pack instead of per head trip cost. Why? Because you will save a lot of your money as the headcounts get more. If you do thorough research, you will get some cool family pack to enjoy in your favorite international destination. However, you can’t visit every international destination on a budget. But there are few destinations that will be great for you on family pack:

3 International Family Pack Trips In Budget
3 International Family Pack Trips In Budget

1. Singapore On Family Pack

Singapore is an awesome country that celebrates various cultures at once. The country may be tiny, but modern in every way. It offers a good bargain, and with a good family pack, you can have a great experience here. There are accommodation options like City Backpackers in Kallang or the Fernloft City Hostel. These places offer low-cost staying per night. You can also opt for some decent budget hotels, which will cost 3 times more if it is a single room. 

Maxwell food center, Chinatown food center or mostly in all hawker center, you can get your meal in the low budget including main course, drink and of course desserts. Singapore is great for a holiday destination in cruises or through day excursions. You shouldn’t miss Singapore’s Famous National Museum or the Dhoby Ghaut Shopping area. You must visit so the Dolphin Lagoon and Underwater World. The nightlife of Singapore is amazing to explore.

3 International Family Pack Trips In Budget
3 International Family Pack Trips In Budget

2. Malaysia

Malaysia is connected to stunning beaches, turquoise waters, and a pleasant climate. On a family pack, it can be your next picturesque destination. Do you know that it falls under one of the cheapest international destinations excluding the flight fare of course?

In Kuala Lumpur, it is easy to find dormitory rooms and guesthouses with a low budget. You can have a sumptuous meal in Nasi Kandar Pelita, Taman Paramount Night or Saravana Bhavan market on a good budget. Do consider to visit Sarawak, Kuala Lumpur, Redang Island, Pangkor as well as other places in Malaysia. Give a visit to Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary, and enjoy your dinner beside Singapore River. You can go to Chinatown Trishaw night tour, temple tour, and Batu Caves. As Malaysia is a county with the Muslim religion, here, drinking is not a good thing. So, it is too expensive as well as expensive. Save your money here.

3 International Family Pack Trips In Budget
3 International Family Pack Trips In Budget

3. Thailand

Thailand will always top the chart when it comes to world-renowned destinations. Who won’t love to enjoy the mountains, beaches, food, culture and many more things here? The best thing is your holiday with a family pack will save you a lot as it is also among the cheapest destinations to enjoy.

You can have full budget staying option in Thailand. It is best to have a family trip as the cost reduces. You can choose a hostel, a good budget hotel or a dormitory to stay there. We all know the place is great for its street food.  And it is not at all expensive. Go for 2-3 cities or off-beat destinations to explore the culture of this place. You will come across many Buddha temples, which are Ancient. There is an elephant show you can enjoy and shop from the floating market.  

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