3 Best Holiday Park Resort In UK To Visit


Across the UK, there are many holiday park resort to stay in while you are traveling to the place. You will love to stay in a holiday park resort, rather than staying in a hotel. You will lose all the fun that a resort offers. The vacation is supposed to be fun and exciting right? So why not stay at one-holiday park resort in the UK.

4 Best Holiday Park Resort In UK To Visit
4 Best Holiday Park Resort In UK To Visit

1. Scotland’s Eyemouth Holiday Park Resort

It’s a clear winner as the best holiday park resort. It’s cheap and has a great beachside view. It’s not only the best in Scotland but also the best in the UK. On TripAdvisor, it gets 4.5 out of 5. The resort also scored 8.4/10 when we checked last time. So, it deserves a special mention.

On-site there are not many things at Eyemouth. Though there are sports court, restaurant, bar and a playground onsite. It also includes a kids club and usual evening stuff. Unfortunately, there is no swimming pool on the site, but the resort has arranged an offsite local indoor pool. There is no extra charge to swim there.

From Eyemouth, the beach is only a short walk away. If you want to go to Edinburgh, it will take an hour-long drive to reach there. Berwick Upon Tweed will be 20 minutes away. It will take £419 for four people for a week in a Gunsgreen caravan. Prices change with footfall.

4 Best Holiday Park Resort In UK To Visit
4 Best Holiday Park Resort In UK To Visit

2. Isle of Wight’s Nodes Point Holiday Park

In the Isle of Wight, there is various holiday park resort, and among them, we love Nodes Point. The place is just a walk away from the beautiful St Helen’s beach. It has ankle deep water and less touristy till now. On-site, there are sports courts, a playground, and an indoor swimming pool. Love to ride a horse? Then you can’t help but visit the resort. They offer horse riding in summer days along the beach. It is very idyllic.

The Isle of Wight is not at all big place. So, you don’t have to visit the famous tourist towns of Ventnor, Ryde or Shanklin without a long drive. However, to visit the popular Alum Bay and Needles, you have to do a long drive. So, it will be a day trip, isn’t it?

The reviews of the resort mostly get 4 out of 5. Those with positive view of the UK’s weather can do camping here. For a family of 4, staying at Carisbrooke chalet will cost £869 for a week during August.

4 Best Holiday Park Resort In UK To Visit
4 Best Holiday Park Resort In UK To Visit

3. Norfolk’s California Cliffs

In Norfolk, California Cliffs fall under one of the best holiday park resort category. Generally, it gets 4 stars out of 5. The place has both indoor swimming area as well as an outdoor swimming area. Apart from that, the resort is nearer to the beach. What more one can wish for?

Actually, you can wish for more as they have an adventure playground, crazy golf, among other entertainment options. For visiting, Great Yarmouth, you can take a car. It’s just a few miles away. For a four member family, the “Bidston” caravan will cost £679 for one week in August.