2 Best Beach Resorts To Stay In Seychelles


When you are traveling to Seychelles, won’t it be great to experience if you stay in the best beach resorts there? It will make your stay at the place more fun. After long days of a safari tour, you can take rest in one of the best beach resorts here.

Seychelles is consists of 115 unspoiled islands. So it is the most beautiful stretch of a group of tropical islands in the world. There are forested peaks, unaccountable white sand beaches as well as water full of dazzling fish. In Seychelles, there are three main islands – La Digue, Mahe, and Praslin. There is a group of smaller islands along with a long ring-shaped chain of corals. The coral stretch extends till Aldabra, nearly 700 miles away. In Aldabra, there are over 100,000 giant tortoises.

2 Best Beach Resorts To Stay In Seychelles
2 Best Beach Resorts To Stay In Seychelles

Best Beach Resorts In Seychelles

1. North Island

North Island is one of the best beach resorts in Seychelles. This is a private island resort of the country. The name might be very ordinary, but North Island has created a niche. They are active with celebrity honeymoons. Do you know that George Clooney came here from Venice after his marriage to Amal Alamuddin? The future king of England, Prince William, came here with his wife Kate Middleton during 2011.

You can locate the resort within 20 minutes if you take a helicopter from the international airport of Seychelles. The resort is also a conservative area for rare native species. This island has received the World Legacy Award from National Geographic for keeping the natural habitat rightly. It is a 462-acre hideaway. It comprises of 11 villas that have two-bedrooms and air-conditions. Each villa is a personal world. There are dedicated butler, private deck, own dining area, plunge pool, library, and sala for relaxation. The main swimming pool of the resort made from granite outcrop. You can join in activities like fishing, scuba diving, surfing, and snorkeling, in the beautiful turquoise water.

2. Cousine Island

To reach this beautiful island, you have to take a 15-minute helicopter ride. There is no other option. Take your ride from the Mahe International Airport. The 62-acre big island works as a nature reserve. They put immense effort to avoid releasing any alien and invasive species to the land.

2 Best Beach Resorts To Stay In Seychelles
2 Best Beach Resorts To Stay In Seychelles

There are only four guest villas along the awe-inspiring white-sand beach. Each of these villas is made with the style of French Colonial gingerbread. The villas come with Jacuzzi tubs, indoor-outdoor showers, as well as infinity pools. Apart from that on the opposite side of the island, there is a Presidential Villa with two-bedroom. It consists of a spa, a gym, a pool. This villa is staffed by a private chef and a personal butler. All the public areas are built within a big pavilion. The place includes a dining room just opposite to a freshwater pool and a library.

As Cousine Island is a bit in isolation, the wildlife here is entirely mild. Even if there are human in front, the giant tortoises don’t stop to munch on greenery. The white fairy terns don’t show interest to move even if you approach them within 3-4 feet. You can even find that a bird is nesting on anywhere near the villas even on your doormat. Here you can also experience guided bird walks, and nature walks complementing water sports.

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